Raismes Festival, France

  • Just back from France...

    Everything was right yesterday. Glenn was physically in his best shape ever, he was also in a great mood.

    Same set list as the first part of the music for the divine tour with a few purple numbers... during Gettin' tighter the band was really on fire! And welcome back JJ, yesterday you were on the top of your game!

    Big Daddy, thanks for this wonderful evening and all the best for the rest of the tour...

    Cecile & Martial

  • What a great evening !! Everybody was in a very very good mood !! the audience was waiting for so long to see Glenn live in France... A very very good strong set-list !! Glenn if you read this or Carl... thank you to you all, Glenn of course (you were so sweet, so accessible and nice with us french people, what a great chance to us to speak with you, speaking about your various projects, next album and your feeling about the show and life in general), JJ (welcome back !! Really great to see you on board) and a great great special thank to Carl Swann (you were so nice with us !! Very cool to speak with you and all the projects you have... Great job !! Really many many thanks !!) :bow:

  • Just back home. Exhausted but soooo happy, with tons of pictures and an Ibanez guitar. My husband won it at the festival lucky draw :lol: Now I'm afraid he is going to learn how to play...

    I will upload our best pictures tomorrow.

    The show was brilliant and we were so glad to see Papa back in France after such a long time.

    Lylian, glad to see you here, man ! :thumbup: You said it perfectly.

    I think I saw 3 English GHCP in the audience (first row, right side). I looked for you at the end of the show but sorry that I did not find you :huh:

  • Hi,

    Yes, myself (Mike) and my wife Penny, together with our friend Mick McSweeney (crazy cockney GH fan) were the UK contingent.
    Great to see a GH fan win the prize draw (especially as he was proudly wearing a GHPG 'Coast To Coast' T-Shirt!! ).

    I agree it was a sensational performance by our man with the best 'Gettin' Tighter' I've ever witnessed at a GH gig

    Hopefully we will meet up at a future gig (you never know it could well be in France again, judging by the fabulous reception Glenn and the band received).

    Stay Fun(ky)
    Mikey D

  • It was so good to see Papa back in France after such a long time.

    As Mikey said, it was great to see how the French audience warmly welcomed Glenn and the boys. We sincerely hope that there will be some dates in our country next year.
    They gave us 1h15 of pure pleasure. Papa was brilliant.

    Thank you Glenn for the wonderful evening you gave us !

    I would also like to say a big thank you to Carl for his kindness and to the festival organisation (especially to Philippe) who made this possible. You rock, guys !

    The set list:
    Valiant denial
    Land of the livin'
    You got soul
    Gettin' tighter + drum solo
    Don't let me bleed
    You keep on moving

    Soul mover

    I uploaded in "my gallery" some of the 300 pictures Jerome did. Hope you will like them :)
    I also uploaded pictures on MySpace page (see the address below) in the "blog entries".

    Next gig will be in Verona at the end of the month and....maybe Barcelona on Saturday !!!


    PS : David, I uploaded the pictures in the members galleries. If you want to move some of them in other topics, please don't hesitate !

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