• Hello friends, we'll be waiting for you all in the International Expo that will be celebrated in Zaragoza in 2008.

    Will Glenn come to Zaragoza during Expo to give us a live show?

    I hope it ....

    While it comes I am very impatient to see and hear the god's voice ........ This year i only can see Glenn in Valencia's gig. For sure Big Papa will give to us a powerfull and funksoulrockfull concert like forever.

    From 2001 to 2006 i have seen him 7 dates and every one better, like that I hope this last one follows the same progression and finally Glenn sings for us Coast To Coast . It is my favourite song and I ask for it him in every concert.

    I hope that this time makes real my desire.

    It is sure that this time Glenn gives this nice surprise to all his Spanish fans.

    Enjoy THE VOICE.

    See you in Valencia my friends.


    :bow: Following"THE VOICE" of coast to coast:bow:

  • Thank you David.

    I need ten mesasages to have permission of access. So i am going to do it.

    I hope see you in the ZGZ Expo 2008.

    :bow: Following"THE VOICE" of coast to coast:bow:

  • Wow...it's other amazing CTC...........

    He is the man, he is the voice, we love him and we are luckiest cos we'll enjoy him in Spain again.

    I can't wait to see Glenn this thursday in Valencia.



    :bow: Following"THE VOICE" of coast to coast:bow:

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