Soulmover. Cheeky request....

  • I have been trying to get a good friend of mine,Darren Brown,interested in Glenn and his music.

    It has taken a little step closer with the realisation that a certain Mr C Smith has been involved with Glenn for some time.He went to the drum clinic event in Norwich.

    He has promised me that he will listen to Mr Hughes and go to the next UK concert if he can somehow get a little"Hello" direct.

    Very cheeky I know but....if you don't ask,you don't get ;)

    Here's hoping.

    Kind regards


  • What can i do johny boy, always glad to spread the gospel.
    If he went to the Norwich clinic...he should be converted already!

  • Thanks for the reply Chad.Now with Wolfy's reply I am not sure who is the most famous :D

    To the "drumming" Mr Smith.I was wondering if you could do anything really.It might be better if you were to come up with something?

    I don't want to set a trend for everyone asking for stuff.It might get a bit silly.

    We both hope to be in Norwich in November as both of our Birthdays are in the month.

    But please don't feel as you have to something special.Anything would be great :thumbup:



  • Last time Chad was in Norwich he got Matt Goom up on stage in front of everyone and asked him if he had anything to ask his girlfriend.

    Matt proposed to her on one knee! :) :claphands

    Hope your mate aint single and with a girlfriend that night :lol:

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

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