Cosmosquad live dates

  • Southern California-based metal fusioneers Cosmosquad, featuring acclaimed guitarist Jeff Kollman (Glenn Hughes, UFO) and Canadian drummer Shane Gaalaas, (Glenn Hughes, B'Z, Diesel Machine), have returned with their fourth album, Acid Test.

    It marks the group's first studio effort since 2001's Squadrophenia, which firmly established the band as one of the premier progressive instrumental acts on the scene.

    Cosmosquad will be kicking off their 2007/'08 tour with a performance at their favorite Los Angeles area club, the world-famous Baked Potato, followed by a string of performance clinics in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area.

    The exact dates are as follows:

    21 - Baked Potato - Studio City, CA. (9:30PM)
    26 - Guzzardo Music - Rockford, IL. (6:30PM)
    27 - Henri's Music - Green Bay, WI. (6:30PM)
    28 - White House of Music - West Bend, WI. (6:30PM)
    29 - Cascio / Interstate Music - New Berlin, WI. (2:00PM)
    30 - Martyrs’ - Chicago, IL. (8:00PM)

    18 - Musician's Institute - Hollywood, CA. (4:00PM)

    For more info visit:

  • Argh....Sept 21 it's Cosmosquad at the Potato, David Garfield at La Vee Lee, And JSS at Paladinos. Can't do it all. Ill catch the first set of DG then head over to Paladinos, where I'm sure Jeff won't hit the stage till the usual 12am.


  • Someone needs to back these guys up for a full blown stateside tour, or an opening gig on a major tour, where the headliners are not afraid of getting a run for their money.

    :guitarist :drummer: Jeff and Shane deliver the goods!

    Its time to take it to the people.

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • Tony, don't miss it, you won't be sorry :thumbup:

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • If you haven't heard Cosmosquad's stuff before,I thoroughly recommend you try & get to hear Acid Test - I bought it in June direct from Marmaduke Records, the link's on Jeff's site:

    & the service was very quick - only $18,including Shipping to the UK!
    There's a sampler of this album & others on the site as well.


    Ben !!

  • An extra date has now been added in Chicago, Illinois :cool:

    September 30th - Martyrs’ - Chicago, IL. (8:00PM)


    The Martyrs' show has been cancelled and replaced with the venue 'The Note' which is much better!

    September 30th - The Note - Chicago, IL. (9:00PM)

  • david i probably gotta get the tickets at the door- straight shot down the tollroad -should be about two blocks from the exit

  • you guys im totally exhausted after after getting home at 1:30am and getting up at 5:00am to then work twelve hours but i had to tell you - anyone that can go - go see the completely talented brilliant guitarist jeff kollman :bow: :bow: and cosmosquad - i will send a detailed report with some pics as soon as i can - and i cant forget to mention shane gallas also - damm did they play!!!!!!!!

  • here are two pics.

    yes thats me looking crazy as hell with the great jeff kollman :bow: :bow: :bow:and the brilliant shane gaalaas:bow: :bow: :bow: have pity my peoples - its busy as hell at work (12 hours six days a week ) plus we were both up most of saturday night with our sick son - so thats me sleep deprived and star struck at the same time - i had just witnesed a stunning performance by 3 totally professional world class musicians :claphands :claphands- i want to try to share this with you all just like you all have shared with me - i dont have much time right now so soon i will sit here and try to describe the experiance to you all

  • here are the few pics i have that turned out -i dont have a digital camera yet-these are from a cheap kodak disposable camera -so anyway for those who want to hear it ill try to tell this story now - this great performance was seen by about 20 people -i know a sunday night can be trouble but i dont blame that -i went to the venue website-the promoter website-no ticket link-i called the venue-no call back -DAVID DID MORE FOR ME FROM ORLANDO FLORIDA BY PUTTING THE PROMO POSTER IN THIS THREAD THAN THE TICKET SELLER!!!!!! so we get down the venue and park about a block away -walking up to the venue who do i see but the entire band walking right infront of us -im shocked DAMM i say real loud -chris maloney looks back but jeff looks upset about something and jumps on a cell phone -not a good time to say anything to them-we get to the front of the venue and there are about 10 people there -2 young kids that work there come out- i tell them i have no tickets -"that shouldnt be a problem for this one" the girl with the 2 rings threw her nose tells me -(I WONDER WHY?)

  • so we get inside and the best way i can describe it is that its a double wide 1920's store front with two bars and a rectangular stage off to one side -whole place spraypainted flat black with some dark blue trim (which is why the pics are so dark) so after the warm up band cosmosquad comes on -now you guys at this time i was just about totally unfamiliar with their songs - i only heard the little bit of website sample and liked it-now these guys come out and start playing these beautiful hard drivin songs(which reminded me of-and i mean this as a compliment-king krimson and the changes like return to forever) -im there stunned :eek: :eek: now i wanna stand up and move to the music but i cant -im just too damm tired - i gotta keep sitting down -jeff kollman keeps switching between 2 fender guitars playing with this beautiful beautiful tone -shane gaalaas just punishing his drums chris maloney playing a thousand bass notes -thats when i thought to my self -this is what ive been missing -watching pro musicians at work -to me there is almost nothing better.

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