Deep Purple - Live In London 1974 (EMI) Released

  • Hello,

    here in Germany the new double cd from a show at the Gaumont State Theatre May 22nd 1974 is already available.
    It's truly a nice show with Glenn in top form.
    I strongly recommend buying it!



  • Hello,
    It's truly a nice show with Glenn in top form.

    Totally agree. I've had this on cassette since I recorded it from Radio 1 in 1974 and played it to death. Glenn's vocal section ("riding the range") on Space Truckin' is the best version of that I've heard. Be great to have it all on CD at last.

  • Vinyl edition is now available for pre-order from dpas :thumbup:


    This new vinyl pressing is a double album with the complete show and has been fully restored from the broadcast tapes by EMI at Abbey Road in London, and is being issued under exclusive license from EMI in a very limited edition. This comprises a double album 180 gsm virgin vinyl German pressing, with special labels and inner bags, in a gatefold sleeve.

    Limited to 1,500 copies worldwide. We expect finished copies in October/early November. Prices include post & packing, which is not cheap (it now costs over £10 / $20 to send vinyl outside Europe).

    Albums are shrinkwrapped and will be mailed in cardboard cruciform packets designed especially for shipping vinyl, with extra card packing inside.

  • got it yesterday.

    excellent makeover.
    all the missing edits are in tho i think i prefer it without Glenn's "im gonna pull your trousers down" bit.

    this is DP at their rocking best and my favourite Blackmore guitar sound. Jon Lord sounds so much clearer than on my old version.

    The booklet has loads of info and memories from fans who saw them on the tour.

    the outer sleeve is as my above post and the original cover in Pauls post is the cd booklet

    Get it!

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • This is the concert recording that finally made me a Deep Purple admirer. In early 1984 a few months before their reunion announcement I heard the vinyl bootleg version of this concert from my best friend's brother. Of course I recorded it onto cassette and eventually bought the legitimate vinyl record later in the 80s.

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  • Has anyone noticed Glenn making a mistake in his announcement of the song "Space Truckin'", as he said it is from "Fireball" at the beginning of "You Fool No One" of CD 2 of "Live in London"!!! ;)

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