Jeff Scott Soto, returns to LA 9/21 !

  • Just got my ticket for the Paladinos show...I missed all the Journey shows unfortunately. It's been three years since I saw JSS so looking forward to it.


  • Good friend of Fedor's and mine -Bobby Gervias just got back from Sky Academy- where Jeff did some vocals for Uli Roth. Bobby spoke to him (JSS) a bit and he said that his band will be playing here in Houston this coming month- got to make sure I make this show! Glad to see this post- I need to seek out the details. I think he's playing where I saw Symphony X a month or so ago...The Meridian.

    Bobby had a great time... he came back with a cool souvenir- Uli's Marshall amp! He hit it off real well last year with Uli- one of the few fan's here that spoke German! He went site seeing around L.A. with Uli and got to know him pretty well. Uli didn't own the amp by the way... he had to buy it from Marshall at a steal of a deal price, and He had Uli sign it. It was the amp Uli used during the entire Academy event. Last year Bobby met Jeff Kollman at this event too.. had hoped Glenn could be a part of this event someday, but I guess maybe he and Uli didn't hit it off so well... so it wasn't a likely option anyway. Don't know any of the details there. Just rumours maybe.

  • Nice try Todd! Great news Howie- look forward to seeing you again. Hopefully I can catch you guys after the show. I don't know if you are familiar with the venue at all- but it's an old converted wharehouse. The bands play in the upstairs. The ceiling seems a bit low with support posts right down the middle- a definite center stage obstruction. It would be nice if the band could sit a bit higher too. They seem to be doing real well there and have brought some great acts so I ain't complaining. But unfortunately, I'm not real impressed with the sound... when you get old like me, the sound seems to be more important than the mosh environment... :) I talked with the guy running the board- and he was a bit frustrated, limited to what he could do. I've just seen two shows there and Robin Trower sounded better than Symphony X by far- I think only because he was not quite as loud. But it was packed like sardines for the "X"- maybe that affected it. Symphony X are one of my favorite bands that haven't been around for over 30 years...


  • Paladinos is actually letting us start RIGHT at 11:30 PM this show because we ran out of time last time we played there. I bitched at the promoter and got us an earlier start time. Sorry John.

  • I will be starting off my mini-U.S. tour with singer Jeff Scott Soto (ex Yngwie/Journey).

    Friday, Sep 21 - Paladinos - Tarzana, CA
    Saturday, Sep 22 - Coach House - San Juan Capistrano, CA

    Here are the rest of the dates:

  • Just in the door from a stellar evening. Because of JSS's late start, I went to La Ve Lee in Studio City first, a few minutes into David Garfield's smoking set with his band Karizma, and featuring first call studio aces like Chad Wackerman on drums, John Pena on bass Larry Klimas on Sax, Lenny Castro on Percussion and James Harrah on guitar. Instead of the usual 90 minute set, Garfield played well over two hours, and was still playing his incredible mix of latin, jazz, fusion and pop and randb when I had to excuse myself to get to Paladinos, a short 15 minute drive away. I get to my car, and realize I can't find my friggin ticket I bought off paypal for the JSS show. Damnit!!!!!!!! I almost crash as I drive through gigantic puddles on the freeway, (it's a huge downpour,) but arrive in my trusty escort safe. I get to the door, and thank god they let me in. (I didn't care about paying for the show twice, only about getting in) I greet Todd and catch up on the latest with him and also Reggie who writes for Steve Lukather's site, then it's time for JSS.

    It's only the first show of the tour, but the band are tight and sounding like they've been on tour for months. I notice JSS's voice is much stronger than the previous Paladino's show three years ago I saw. What a great setlist that sees the band tear through smash Talisman hits, a Soul Sirkus song, a medley of ballads, Seperate Ways, and songs off JSS's solo albums including a few from Lost in the Translation. Gary's bass is loud and he plays great, the drums are locked in tight with Gary, and Howie is playing as great as always. The band ends the night with a cool 7 minute medley of funk classics like Brickhouse, Play that Funky Music, Jungle Boogie, Stayin Alive, etc... The band tried out several new numbers from the forthcoming JSS effort and I really dug those songs, it's gonna be a great album, (instead of the one I was hoping Journey would do with Jeff, he's going to do it on his own). Howie stepped up to the mic to sing Long Train Runnin from the Doobie Bros and he sang it great.

    The only setlist bummer was I could have done without Seperate Ways and really wanted to hear Believe off of Translation. Jeff is one of the best frontmen in rock, constantly moving and a consumate showman. Wow, this was a great night!!!!!!! Thumbs up guys!!!!


    PS, I left my camera at home, and my phone in the car, so it's up to Todd to provide the visuals. Over to you Todd.

  • You guys are killing me with all this great music. John, I am glad to hear that you were able to get into the show...sounds like a killer night of music for you! And Todd,you did all the road warriors proud by making the trip.....:thumbup:

    But I am moving out of the sticks and back to civilization in a few weeks.....time for me to have some fun!! :clapper:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Thanks Bill...I'm topping off the fluids, checking the tires and readying for my next road Las Vegas in April to see...wait for it...King Diamond! :singer: :eek:

    Hail to the King, baby...


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