Whitesnake's Wine Women and Song on YouTube

  • I found another Whitesnake video on YouTube with Mel Galley. The song is called Wine, Women and Song. It is an excellent performance. I hope you'll enjoy it :) :) :) :)


  • One of my favorite songs.......Thanks! God bless all these guys! Mel, David, Jon, Mr Moody In particular...what fucking talent!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bow: I'm a lucky man to be blessed with the knowledge of these musicians and their music...and then there are Mr. Hughes & Mr. Blackmore...oh don't get me started! :bow::bow::bow:

  • thanks for the post. yeah, that is a real good version of that song. i remember how excited i was when i bought "come and get it" as a new release. almost nobody i knew even knew whitesnake then, but i was locked up in my smoke filled room for a few days w/ that one. a really good record. and seeing cozy in that video reminds me again how he could really beat up those skins. God bless him too.

  • if you've never heard that song before, you really need to check out that "come and get it" album by whitesnake. it is a very good collection of songs.

    Thank you for this recommendation, I surely will chek this out, especially since I'm going to Whitesnake's gig in July here in Sofia!! :bouncer:

  • Thanks for sharing this video Ayesha. This concert took place in 1983 in Ludwigshaffen (Germany). The full show (84 minutes) was filmed for broadcasting on German TV.

    Manuella, I can only second what Purplemusic says about "Come an get it". This album is my WS Holy Grail. A "must have" for every WS addict...So, you'd better go an' get it :lol:

  • I'm glad you liked it. I wish that YouTube had more videoclips of this show. I've seen all the videoclips of the Donington show. I love the new Whitesnake CD "Good To Be Bad" as it sounds closer to the early Whitesnake materials.


  • If I talk Whitesnake, this is the Whitesnake Im referring to.....good days gone bye

    Yeah man, i agree!
    Some time ago, talking about Whitesanake meaned talking about, Neil Murray, Mel Galley, Mickey Moody.... all this heros... ugly people that played their instruments as if this was the last day in their lives...
    But Now? just a joke i think with David Plant or Robert Coverdale trying to get back to 1987. Sad enough in my opinion.
    Miguel. Asturias

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