• I'd like to introduce myself as a long-time fan but new member to this community. I'm looking forward to conversing with all of you!

    Had a chance to see Glenn live for the first time in June at BB King's and it was fabulous. Unfortunately I won't be in town for the fantasy camp, but hopefully it won't be another 30 years before Glenn comes back to rock NYC! :D


  • Hello Steph,

    You're from the city?

    The usual British welcome here, is = Indeed.
    The usual Texas welcome here, is = Yee-hah.
    Plus other assorted welcome messages from Japan, France,
    Italy, South America, Australia, Finland, Ireland, etc, etc.
    But being a native New Yorker, here's my greeting to you:

    Welcome to GHPG.net ~ You got a problem with that? :lol:

    PS.....Yeah, Glenn at BB King's made your brains fall out, too?
    You'll discover that there's nobody else like our boy,
    and you'll probably soon be saying:



  • Hi Grace,

    I'm not a native New Yorker -- I am a transplant from Boston (about 9 years ago, now). My friends insist that I have been in NYC long enough to call myself a NY'er, but as they say: "You can take the girl out of Boston but..." :D

    Oh, and I've been saying :ghcp: for quite a number of years now, ha ha! Just took me a while to find this forum, but I'm glad I have :thumbup:


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