Al Atkins autobiography: Trapeze to be included?

  • Hopefully this will bring some cool stories from the Trapeze days...

    Original JUDAS PRIEST singer Al Atkins is working on an autobiography which is to be titled "Dawn of the Metal Gods: My Life in Judas Priest & Heavy Metal".

    Commented Atkins: "For some time now I have wanted to write my own book about my amazing life in heavy metal. Finally that dream has come true; after befriending Neil Daniels — a freelance rock writer and heavy metal fan — during the writing of his book 'The Story of Judas Priest: Defenders of the Faith' (Omnibus Press) we have come up with some great ideas together. I am going to co-author my autobiography with Neil and it will be published by Iron Pages late next year. It will be called 'Dawn of the Metal Gods: My Life In Judas Priest & Heavy Metal'. Of course there will be some great stories from my few years in PRIEST but also loads of info on the sixties music scene in Birmingham and the West Midlands. I knew bands like SLADE, TRAPEZE and THE BAND OF JOY. I saw CREAM live, befriended BUDGIE and supported ROD STEWART. Also, I was in a band called LION in the late '70s and we supported the Sex Pistols and the Stranglers. I also have a solo career and have released five albums so far; my new CD is called 'Demon Deceiver'. It should make for an exciting read. There’ll also be loads of photos from the early years of JUDAS PRIEST and pictures of ticket stubs, posters, memorabilia, etc. Look out for it on the book shelves and for sale on the Internet during the second half of 2008!"

  • Thanks Arjen, sounds like something worth reading. The Trapeze stories will be great, but the barely heard writings about Budgie and Slade should really be good reads. Had you not posted this I never would have known about it and missed out on something incredible.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Al Atkins' book is a very good read for Judas Priest fans... not much info about Trapeze though... Judas Priest opened for Trapeze in the early 70s... In 1998 Al Atkins released an album featuring Dave Holland on drums, "Victim of Changes"... really good album with some re-recordings of early Priest plus some originals. According to Al Atkins they were ready to move forward as Atkins/Holland, but soon after Dave Holland's troubles began, and that was the end of his musical career.

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