The FULL set list of Glenn's show in Madrid

  • Hi all again!!!
    Remember that, when I posted the setlist of the Madrid's show in this forum I said that I've probably forgotten one or two songs... and, yes, I forgot them... 3 of them to be honest: "Beyong the Numb", "Wherever you go" and "Getting Tighter" (I noticed by myself 3 days ago that I've forgotten "Beyong the Numb" but I wanted to ask him for the complete set list before posting anything). I asked to my "e-mail friend" :) Javi (who posted some messages in this forum time ago) about the set list and he sent me the list of songs and the order of them (more or less :-))... he has got better memory that me :-).
    This is the complete setlist:

    In My Blood
    You Kill Me
    Higher Places
    Beyond The Numb
    The First Step Of Love
    Written All Over Your Face
    Can't Stop The Flood
    Blue Jade
    Wherever You Go
    Seventh Star
    Getting Tighter
    You Keep On Moving

    Now I'm going to be completely honest with you: I remember perfectly when he played "Beyong the Numb" and "Wherever you go" (in spite of my lost of memory :) ) but I can't remember to have listened "Getting Tighter" in this show... I'm almost sure that Javi's got the reason with it because in the encore I was so full of emotions that I couldn't touch the ground with my feet... I wasn't in this Planet at this time, I was in heaven!! .
    I'm sorry for my forgetfulness... I promise to take some paper and a pen to the next show to write all the song and don't forget no one ;-).
    My best wishes to all.

  • Wherever you goooooo [towdowdudduddudduh - towdowdudduddudduh...]

    Got the setlist from Valencia, and it's about the same. Thanks Esther!


    - Fedor

  • Ok got's this one.."You live in your Fantasy...where you never die...." That's a great song......that whole album is awesome. It has what I like to call flow...each song drifts from one to the other with equal enjoyment. No dead or duff tracks!!!!! That's why I'm finding it hard to get into HTP2, no flow.

    I listen to music almost exclusively in the car, where it's pretty difficult to pull out liner notes at 80MPH or so. So of course I know the song, but not so much the name.


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