Glenn's Top Drummers: Gary Ferguson is not?

  • Just got the new Modern Drummer I will try to get it scanned in due course. Excellent article in which Glenn lists most of his favorite drummers he's worked with, except one. Yeah, no Gary Ferguson. I can't tell you how hurtful this is as a long time fan of Glenn's to see no Gary. This really blows me away!!! While Gary is no Chad Smith or Ian Paice he certainly has had moments of sheer genius, and he must have been halfway decent to keep being featured on solo album after solo album and live dates. This really shocks and upsets me. And for chrissakes if it weren't for Gary Glenn would have no Gaby!!!! You can't discount the genius of tracks like Angela (especially the intro) from R.O.C.K. the snappy groove of Let it Rain from The Way It Is, the funky slamming of Simple Life from SITKOR, the incredible rolls of Gasoline, the list goes on forever. And one more missing GH drummer deserves mention: Shane Gaalaas. Hold On is one of the greatest drumming tracks of the last few years I've ever heard. The first HTP album is a showcase for the powerhouse drumming of Shane.


  • Glenn and Gary are best mates, so there's nothing sinister behind this 'ommission' from a list- afterall, with a career such as Glenn has had, I would imagine it's hard to pick his 'Top' anything! I mean, look who he has had the pleasure of working with throughout the years.

    When asked a question like that, with that many to choose from, there's always going to be some that are left off a 'list', otherwise, he would end up having to name every drummer he's ever played with :)

  • I know what you mean David. But Glenn goes out of his way to mention people he did one song at some party with in 1991, Gary deserves more than this. Glenn's done some of his best work ever with Gary. Even Mark gets a mention, and he's only done a couple of tours, no albums. There's a sidebar, listing drummers Glenn's worked with, Gary should have at least been in that. This reminds me of Deep Purple wiping Ritchie off those Machine Head shirts, (Van Halen just tried to do this with Michael Anthony on their website). I'm stunned.


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