756 is Amazing

  • I know this isn't the place for many Baseball fans, but having been in the game professionally for most of my adult life, I just wanted to post my thoughts on the greatest record in American sports history.

    When Barry Bonds hit HR number 756 last night, I was surprised myself at my own reaction; one of excitement and happiness to have witnessed such a magnificent event. I recall seeing some other great records, some on TV and others live, but few had the impact on American sports that the polarizing Bonds has had. I saw Roger Maris hit his 61st in 1961 at Yankee stadium amid an atmosphere much like what Barry has endured. People did not want Maris to break Babe Ruth's record, and never gave the man the accolades he deserved. I saw Hank Aaron hit his 715th HR in a horribly racist scenario, where so many were appalled that a Black man was breaking yet another of Babe Ruth's records. I remember McGwire's 62nd, now clouded by unfounded allegations. I will always have the sight of Cal Ripken riding around Camden Yards the night he broke Lou Gehrig's consecutive games streak etched firmly in my brain. There were the three Ali-Frazier fights, each legendary in their own right; the Rangers 1996 Stanley Cup championship for which I waited, at that time, forever to see.

    All are great accomplishments, and all of which had an undertone where so many wanted to find something wrong with the achievement.

    Now, Barry Bonds does what is almost unthinkable under a cloud. I hear he "was juiced", "he's surly", "he's a horrible person" from people before they ever get to his feat. Let me say this; of the over 20,000 people who have played Major League baseball during the "steroid era", exactly ONE has done what Bonds has done. There is no factual proof of wrongdoing, he has no positive tests, although such notables as Ross Grimsley, Neifi Perez and Alex Sanchez have tested positive, without quite the same results. Is Barry surly ? Maybe to the media, the same people who have lessened Mark McGwire and did a complete 180 on Muhammad Ali turning him from most hated to most loved figure in sports. Maybe Barry doesn't want those who have written nothing but negatives about him to know the real man. I have met Barry on a few occasions, and let me say he was a devoted father, an engaging personality and found time for people when many others would not. I can remember spending an entire ball game with him sitting on the dugout steps waving to kids between innings to come down and get a signature, playing with a young child, and, laughing and joking with me while we analyzed pitches and plays throughout the game. For three games I sat by Bonds, and for three days enjoyed his company, attitude and obvious knowledge of what was happening on the field.

    I hope that the masses will wake up and enjoy this accomplishment, and I truly hope that the vilification of Barry Bonds is not the racist speaking in all the detractors.

    Congrats to Barry, and I hope others here enjoyed watching history.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • I know this isn't the place for many Baseball fans.......

    Not at all, Frank.
    How's this for the connecting "Glenn Hughes thread?"

    Glenn lives in the metropolitan Los Angeles area where the local baseball team
    plays badly.........ever since they left Brooklyn.


    And I remember back a hundred years ago, when happiness returned to our house,
    the night that my Dad's hero, Floyd Patterson, won the title back from Ingemar Johansson.
    How'dya like them apples?

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