Kosovo and Bulgaria in September

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  • According to the information in the Bulgarian newspaper "Standart" Glenn spent his first day in Sofia resting and going on a shopping tour. On Wednesday he will give some interviews, on Thursday he will be the special guest on The Slavi Show, and Friday is the great day - his concert with BTR. Can't wait! ;)

  • "May life be good to you!" wished rock legend Glenn Hughes to The Standart and thousands of our readers. Glenn Hughes visited The Standart editorial office. "I can't wait to sing for your all on Friday", Hughes told the Standart Editor-in-Chief Slavka Bozukova.

    The You Are Not Alone campaign was born in this office,
    The Standart's Editor-in-Chief Slavka Bozukova told Glenn Hughes.
    Photos: Anton Chalakov

    Fans Wait for Hughes in front of Standart's Office

    "I look forward to celebrating The Standart's birthday", Glenn Hughes said.

    "I am impressed! There are so many young and smiling people working in this newspaper," said rock legend Glenn Hughes who took part in the editorial briefing of the Standart yesterday. The star stayed for over an hour in the main office of the Standart. "The people you see around this table initiated and carried through the You Are Not Alone campaign," the Standart Editor-in-Chief Slavka Bozukova told him. Glenn Hughes' concert is our present to the citizens of Sofia on the occasion of the Standart's 15th birthday. The concert in front of the National Palace of Culture kicks off tomorrow at 5pm. At 7pm Glenn Hughes and the Bulgarian rock band, BTR will mount the stage.

    "I hope we would see each other again at our 30th birthday," Mrs. Bozukova said. "I wish next time I come here everybody would be as smiling as they are today," Glenn Hughes said. He told why he loved Bulgaria so much. "Here people are fresh, sweet and young. Perhaps you do not appreciate it but it makes an impression on a foreigner." Hughes said.

    Young fans greet me all the time. I'm happy to hear a 10-year-old Bulgarian boy, who doesn't speak English, sings my songs, Hughes said. Fans were waiting for him yesterday in front of The Standart's office. The newspaper arranged a meeting with their idol touched by a really heart-rending letter written by one of them - Ivo Atanasov.

    In his letter he tells how while suffering from a serious disease he was listening to Glenn's music all the time. Atanassov believes that it was Hughes's hits that saved his life. Ilian Savkov, the Standart's arts executive and one of Hughes's most ardent fans, made his portrait and the legendary musician promised him that he would put it on the wall in his house.

    "I would like to travel around Bulgaria. I have visited only Sofia, Kavarna and Plovdiv, but next year I'll spend my vacation mountaineering in Bulgaria. After my first concert in your country I was surprised by the response of the audience: there are many places in the world where I have fans, but when I first visited Bulgaria I simply didn't want to leave".

    "I could have written a song about any other city, but I chose Sofia. It's partly thanks to me that Dio and David Coverdale visited Bulgaria. When they asked me how it was here, I answered: "It's great, you must simply go and visit the country," Hughes said.

    He has already decided to shoot a second clip in Bulgaria. The first was made last year and dedicated to the Bulgarian nurses who were imprisoned in Libya.

    On Friday, after his concert in front of the National Palace of Culture, Hughes will attend the party on the occasion of The Standart's 15th birthday, where he will perform the You Are Not Alone hymn in duo with Bulgarian star Maria Ilieva.

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