Kosovo and Bulgaria in September

  • GLENN is also making two appearances with his friends, the Bulgarian band BTR in September:

    Thursday, September 6th - PRISTINA, KOSOVO
    Friday, September 7th - SOFIA, BULGARIA

    Venue details etc for both shows are to be confirmed, and more information will be posted as we get it.


    (A message from GLENN's manager)

    The Sofia date with BTR on September 7th was originally scheduled to be an awareness concert for the nurses imprisoned in Libya, but with the wonderful news today that they have been released safely, it will now turn into a concert to celebrate their release, and it is hoped that they will be able to appear as very special guests at the concert.

    Our love and blessings go out to all the nurses, their families and the people of Bulgaria at this emotional time. Our sincere thanks also to all our Bulgarian friends - and in particular the Mayor of Kavarna Mr Tsonko Tsonev, Dani Petrova and BTR - for all their support and for again inviting Glenn to perform on behalf of love, freedom and humanity in their beautiful country.

  • I think in Bulgaria the concert will be with Gary Moore. The place is square Aleksandar Nevski.The entrance is free :)

  • Due to political problems in the region, the proposed show in Pristina on September 6th with BTR has been cancelled. However, thanks to the intervention, invention and quick-thinking of our dear friend Mayor Tsonko Tsonev, GLENN will now perform with BTR in KAVARNA, BULGARIA on Friday, September 7th at DOBROTITSA SQUARE in the centre of the city. In keeping with the intentions of the cancelled Pristina event, the Kavarna show will also be a special performance of Deep Purple MK3/MK4 classics.

    In another strange turn of events, the show in Sofia on September 7th has also been postponed. We have been told that the organisers were hoping to invite the French President as a guest of honour to the event, but as yet they are still awaiting a confirmation of when/if he will arrive in Sofia.

    It looks very likely that there will be a rescheduled GLENN and BTR concert of DP MK3/MK4 classics in Sofia on September 28th. More information on this once the new date is officially confirmed.

  • Thanks fot the information, David!! I hope the Sofia show on Sept 28th will be confirmed :) because I'm afraid I won't be able to go to Kavarna! :( But I absolutely want to see Glenn again this year! I need my dose of Glenn live!!! ;)


  • Glenn will have concert at square Aleksandar Nevski with B.T.R. in 28 September.

    Just to clarify...that's in Sofia, Bulgaria :)

    FYI - just got official confirmation on this date, although the venue is to be confirmed :thumbup:

    Friday, September 28th - GLENN is playing a Deep Purple set in Sofia, Bulgaria, with BTR (venue tbc) as part of the celebrations for the Freedom of the Bulgarian nurses and the birthday celebrations for the famous Bulgarian newspaper "STANDART NEWS" - who are hosting and promoting the show.

  • David, do you have any information about the time of the concert? Is it possible to be at noon at 12 pm? :confused:

    Will try and find out for you and post back here, should I get word.

    OK, here's the scoop :)

    Show time will be around 7:30PM.

    During the same week, GLENN will be a guest on two big TV stations in Bulgaria; one of them, The Slavi Show, (kinda like Bulgaria's equivalent of the David Letterman show), he will perform "Mistreated" with the house band.

    Will be getting confirmation on the venue for the gig shortly too :cool: plus further details of coverage during his visit.

  • Thanks a lot, David! You gave me a very important information, especially about Glenn's appearance on The Slavi Show, because I don't watch it and would have missed it.
    Keep us informed, David! :) Thank you!

  • OK, here are the final details for GLENN's visit to Sofia, Bulgaria at the end of this month :thumbup:

    - On the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of the national newspaper "STANDART"

    - GLENN's performance will be with B.T.R. and will start at 7:00PM (1900) Bulgarian time.

    - The venue is outside of NDK-Sofia.

    - Also on September 25th, GLENN will be the special guest on the TV show "KOMICITE", which will be aired on September 28th at 9:00PM (2100) on the Bulgarian television, BTV - this will be the second visit for GLENN on that TV show. The first was in May 2007.

    - On September 27th, GLENN will be the special guest on another TV show - "SLAVISHOW" and will perform the song "MISTREATED", with the band from the show: "Cuckoo Band". This show starts at 10:30PM (2230) on Bulgarian TV, "BTV", on September 27th. This will be the second visit for GLENN on "SLAVISHOW", the first was in 2005.

    Have fun everyone!

    If you're able, be sure and record these television appearances - sure would like to see them ;) :cool: :thumbup:

  • Thanks for everything dear David :):bow: :bow: :bow:
    Glenn will be one week in Sofia :):):):bow: :bow: :bow: From 23th to 29th of September :):):):):):):)
    That's more than Great :):):):):):):)

    Also I am more than happy that my Loving Pete :heart: :heart: :heart: will come for the gig on 28th :):):):):):):)

    We LOVE YOU GLENN :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: YOU ARE THE BEST FOREVER AND EVER :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:


  • We have TV Bulgaria on the satellite. Can anyone confirm if this is the correct channel ? If yes, I can record in high definition :)

    I'm sorry, Nathalie, but Glenn will be on another TV channel. It is bTV - a private channel which covers the whole country. I don't know if you can receive it through satellite.

    But I think that parts of the Slavi Show appear on YouTube. So maybe we could watch it later from there. I'll try to find it! :thumbup:

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