Deepest Purple Live Review

  • Last week, out of curiosity, I went to see Deepest Purple play at The Robin2 in Bilston. They are the only DP tribute band that I know of in the UK.
    Apologies for not writing each song title in full but you should know what I mean

    I have to say they were superb and played two 1 hour sets – first as MK2 then back on as MK3.

    The singer had a great voice that although wasn’t like IG (more like DC) it was good in his own right. His scream at the end of SKOW was every bit as good, high and long as the one on MIJ. The same for CIT – great lungs. His wig was a bit dodgy though!
    The others, especially Blackmore & Lord looked and played pretty much like DP did in 72. Even the between songs doodles were there. “Ritchie� had all the mannerisms of Mr B – the stares, glares, expressions and fingers up and down the fretboard.
    They also performed SK, NB, SOTW, Hush and Lazy as MK2. Probably others but i was too busy enjoying myself to take notes.
    No “Pictures of Home� thank God. I am sick of that now thanks the real DP playing it for the last 7 years!
    A great set was finished by a solo on the drums by little Ian.

    Then on came Glenn in his white suit, DC (dodgy wig again), and JL and RB.
    This was the better set for me, but only because I have had MK2 overload for the last few years. Every song was performed in blistering form and Burn & YFN were complete with Ritchie’s riffing about like on MIE. Mistreated even interpolated with Rock Me Baby. The singer did a great version of DC on this one.
    They also did cracking versions of Stormbringer and MJTYL.
    I should also mention that the guitarist got RB’s harder MK3 sound right as well.

    They deservedly got calls for an encore (to the surprise of the management I thought) and came back on to do BN and SOTW(again!). They also did a great version of Lucille that was a carbon copy of the one on “In Concert� at the BBC 1972, complete with Jon’s long build up and Ritchie tuning his guitar then giving it a good thrash before tearing into the riff. "Gillan" even gave the same "this is an an old song from a long time ago recorded by Little Richard" intro from the cd. I don’t think anyone in the audience but me “got it�.

    All in all a fantastic night and I would definitely recommend them to everyone whether or not they are fans of Purple/GH/DC.
    I actually enjoyed the show more than DP at the NEC and am now desperate for the full Live in London remaster/remix to come out.

    Check out their web site at

    It's in my blood

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Thanks for the review wolfysmith - I'm going to make a point to check them out, perhaps in Weymouth during October.

  • Wow check out the pics, these guys seem to nail the captions needed. However they misspell Glenn as "Glen" on the Band page, so I've had to send them an email. Oh god, it's bad enough when magazines and clubs where Glenn is playing can't spell his name right, so don't tell me that a tribute band that nails everything can't spell the name on their website!!!!


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