Live in Australia DVD/CD

  • Hello from

    Glenn Hughes (Actor)

    Gee, Todd,
    this message from Amazon is impressive in it's accuracy.
    So in-between Glenn's solo albums and concert appearances,
    I wonder what movies he's appeared in?

    PS.......Nobody does more than the minimum of their job.
    Nobody ever checks for accuracy, and an awful lot of the time,
    nobody gives a damn.



  • In related news, I received my 'Live in Australia' CD today in the mail. (...) The liners and photos are very nice, (...) Thoughts?

    Has anybody noticed that whoever was responsible for the content of the CD booklet must have had either a very bad day or a total blackout!? :eek: :eek: :eek: :huh: :huh: :huh:

    The musicians credits read as follows:

    Glenn Hughes - Guitar, Bass
    Lachlan Doley - Vocals
    JJ Marsh - Guitar, Keyboards
    Jimmy Barnes - Guest Vocals


    I love the CD, but this is a shame.

    I am imagining the situation of a Glenn Hughes Newbie without all the background information buying it, or when people like many of us buy spare copies as a present for friends or other Glenn Hughes newbies...





  • Glenn must have been too busy to sing that day,
    since he was acting in a movie.

    Disrespectfull and shoddy work, done by idiots.
    GH ought to borrow my :axe:


  • Hey good folk of GHPG , I was sent a copy of GH "live in Oz" yesterday from DT , and it is awesome in every aspect , you will soooo love it , i wont give any spoilers .. .. but it is Fucking awesome !!

    In the bonus section the drum solo that Chad does and Glenn joins the groove in "gettin Tighter" you WILL reach for the replay button !!

    Love and peace ,

    -Ritchie (Buddy) xo

  • Hey good folk of GHPG , I was sent a copy of GH "live in Oz" yesterday from DT , and it is awesome in every aspect , you will soooo love it , i wont give any spoilers .. ..

    Lucky bugger Ritchie :D Hope to see it soon over this way too :cool:

    But for those that just can't wait, you can always watch some of Shirean and I's Rome video footage including Gettin' Tighter, taken from our 2006 Summer Euro report over in the Memorabilia section :cool:

  • :) Thanks for the latest information David, it should make an excellent Christmas present

  • I ordered my dvd from ebay a couple of days ago..the seller was located in the UK and claimed to have 3 copies available....

  • Just received this e-mail from Amazon :bouncer:

    The following items have been shipped to you by
    Qty Item Price Shipped Subtotal
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- items (Sold by, LLC):
    1 Glenn Hughes: Live in Aust...
    Shipped via International Shipping (estimated arrival date:


  • Yikes , 19th November, Nathalie ??!!

    Makes you wonder what by what means the item has been 'Shipped' - Flightless Cormorant or Dodo perhaps? :eek:


    Ben !!

  • Maybe the Aussie rugby team have got it, they are in France right now. oh no, wait..... they didnt make the final did they :lol: :D :lol:

    Apologies to all Southern Hemisphere rugby fans ;) I was suprised by the results too :eek:

    Hey, Nath. Hope the French posties give you the real dvd and not a dummy version. Maybe Johnnie Wilkinson can check it for you. He spotted the "accidental" giving of a copy the other day in Paris i believe :lol: :D :lol2:

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Well, I was going to wait for the European release but I can't wait any longer! Going to get it from Amazon in the US and save some cash.

  • Can someone tell me who is stocking this in the UK. Certainly none of the big store (HMV, Virgin) sites have it and I have only been able to find in on not the uk Amazon site.
    Release is slated for Nov 26 they that correct?

  • Yes that date at the end of November is right for the DVD release, for some strange reason the UK and Europe is having to wait another 5 weeks :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:

    I would buy from the states but have no idea if it will play on British DVD players and dont fancy wasting £20 or so.

    It looks like we will have to be patient, mind you i am use to it as we have been waiting a couple of years for Glenn to come and play in the north of England

  • Damian L and IAIN - the DVD in the UK will be PAL/All Region and the one currently available in the USA
    is NTSC/All Region.

    The UK and European distributor is German based, by the name of EDEL. Both CD and DVD will arrive at retailers on the dates I posted in my earlier post.

    You can currently pre-order the CD at UK outlets, and Amazon (UK). No doubt, nearer the release date, the DVD will become available for pre-order too.

    It's well worth the wait :cool:

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