Keep it funky!

  • Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all enjoyin' your Summer. I really feel for any of my friends that have been affected by the heavy rain and floods in Europe.

    Things are gettin' busy soon, as tickets will go on sale for concerts in September and October.

    There are a coupla' shows in Norway followed by shows in Spain (Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona). Also, there will be some shows in Greece @ the end of September. In October there will be a South American tour where I hope to visit Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela.

    In the same week as my Birthday, Sanctuary is releasing "The Anthology". I am very happy about this 2 disc set...

    Keep it funky and see you on tour!



  • GREAT NEWS, GLENN! You are coming to Sofia in September!! :bouncer:

    Looking forward to the show, maybe with an acoustic set in it! I'm spreading the news among my friends! Can't wait to meet you again and I hope that this time we'll have more time to chat! ;)

    Wish you great summer, love and light, dear Glenn! :thumbup:


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