Lets give it a roll...

  • Hi everyone,

    Roger´s and Pete´s new phenomenal track gave me the idea of putting some life again in this subforum as well :cool:

    These days I recorded 2 new songs ("Move Over" & "The Quest") and I thought about posting it here even its not the final mix yet.

    First one is a mid-tempo classic rock tune and the second one is a slow instrumental track from which I both hope you´ll like it.

    Recorded via Cakewalk Pro Audio, using an Ovation Acoustic, Fender Strat, F - Precision bass, Yamaha keyboards and the fabulous B4 Hammond by N.I. as well as a VOX Tonelab SE.

    Anyway, have fun with it!

    Cheers, Achim

  • Hey Achim,

    those two are indeed the strongest contenders to Inner Light, which has been my favourite so far.

    GREAT JOB, MEIN ALTER!!!! :thumbup:

    Especially The Quest is epic in the writing and fabulously performed. I'm amazed about your infinite and constant flow of new ideas, melodies and songs.
    And I'd have an idea for a tricky, almost Jack Bruce-oesque bass-line to Move Over, that would give the song even more punch. Not that it'd need any... and the guitar solo is killer, btw.
    ;) :cool:
    Talk to you soon my friend - I'll give you a call in a couple of days!


  • Thank you very much Roger, David, Chris and Inma, I´m blushing :D ! Deeply appreciated all your kind comments, my friends!

    Totally curious about the bassline, Chris! Those recordings went along pretty quick, I have to say. What take more time is always the editing, mixing, mastering ect. I always find this very boring...;)

    My friend Pete is a master in that, I always envy him for that.

    Again, thank you all so much, my friends!!Have a great Sunday!
    Cheers, Achim

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