Members Of RHCP, QUEEN, PINK FLOYD To Kick Off Live Earth In London

  • On Saturday, July 7th, Queen's Roger Taylor will help open the London Live Earth concert at Wembley Stadium along with Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) and Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) as part of a spectacular drumming extravaganza to kick off the show.

    For more info visit:

  • i'll have to find it on youtube later, as right now, im at work, and i think id get fired :( if i went home to watch it now! :p

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  • Ha, see even the mighty Chris Moyles (an English DJ & presenter for the Wembley 'bit' of today's event) has got a black 'Coast to Coast' Tshirt on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clapper::clapper::clapper::clapper::clapper:

    Doesn't look very 'official' though :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


    Ben !!

  • Here it is the drumming opening at London Live Earth, I've compress it to upload it here, if someone wants it in better quality just PM me. Pump up the volume and enjoy it!!!!

    (I'm uploading it in my myspace site too, it has a bit better quality tho, with some other Live Earth ones, if you are interested in)

  • RHCP - One of the few musical highlights from an otherwise self congratulatory day.

    But surely we can see the irony that 10, maybe 20 years ago, none of us were logged on to our electricity sapping, heat generating, energy wasting PC, watching YouTube videos of a concert aimed at reducing electricity use, heat generation and energy wastage??

    We're doomed :(

    Sorry - Back to the music. Foo Fighters were good too.

  • Good article,Wolfy -thanks for the link!

    I think it was a little hypocritical of some of the acts preaching to us,prior to jetting off elsewhere in the country for gigs later that night!! :huh:

    "Don't do as I do, do as I say" :confused:

    PS I enjoyed Kasabian & thought the Genesis opening was good,incorporating some of their hits into an instrumental medley.
    Quite why Phil Collins deemed it necessary to use the F word during 'Invisible Touch',I don't know (particularly as it was only lunchtime & the BBC camera had just zoomed in on him!!).Perhaps he sensed the apathy & was a wee bit frustrated by it!
    Then Jonathan Ross,quite an exponent of the odd profanity,had the hypocrisy of apologising for some of the acts language ....once again:

    "Don't do as I do, do as I say" :confused:



    Ben !!

  • Well I agree with all of you, and with the article Wolfy gave us the link (thanks Paul!), I also think the concerts were far from being thrilling, the whole thing had a lack of rhythm, I can understand the dificulties of broadcasting such a thing too, I think it's imposible to audience (and I mean at least the audiences that went to the different concerts) to keep a high spirit with so many and long pauses after just 2 or 3 songs by every artist) but I don't think that was the only problem. As the article said tho there were some very good shows it was far from the level of other events like that one, what makes me wonder something ... those other big stars couldnt join the event or they just weren't enough interested in?

    Anyway, that's about the music and the concerts per se. About the reason, and at the end the most important thing, this whole event was made for, maybe we are losing the real point falling into an easy critic. Yeah it's true most of the people there on the stage are not the best examples of saving energy, ect... even when I started watching it I thought... ehem and all the energy that means to keep all those stages working, the lights, etc?... if I am not wrong one of the speakers said something about.... ok, it's true we can critize the hypocrisy of talking about saving energy, recycling, not creating so much garbage (we all know how much appears after a concert) and so on, by people who usually are more famous for their excentricities and not very ecological caprices...

    but let's be honest, in this world if you and me went out there and tried to convince the whole world, sorry excuse me, the "developed" world of what it's happening, what we are doing to the planet (me included of course, I am not a hermit living without electricity, without consuming plastics and so... ) what could we do to grab the world attention to the global warming problem?... walking the whole world?...what attention we would get? as much a funny note in the news or so. I am afraid Forrest Gump is just movie. The thing is not be back to caverns to "be one with nature" but give our two cents for a sustainable development... or then maybe we will end back to the caverns for real ;)

    well sorry for the speech, don't get me wrong, never my intention to say to others what to do, I don't do all what I could and what I do it's my own choice, but the so used phrase "if we all put our sand grain we will make a mountain" it's not only a good sounding thing, it's simply true (yes I know you can ask me for companies and so which are a bigger part of the problem than individuals... but then....we would fall into "what difference I could make in comparission with those big companies"... poor excuse to make us feel better and no responsible of anything)

    well this is a topic we could discuss for long, but it's not my intention to make any tesis here! haha just trying to catch the real point of all of this, we can unwrap the gift and throw the plastic wrapper to the plastics bin and enjoy the real gift or we can remain in the beautifully brightly coloured plastic wrapper box. Maybe the form wasn't the best but that cannot hide the real message, it's up to us

  • I might have missed it since I'm always in a rush these days but I didn't see Nick Mason.

    Why why oh why do the Black Eyed Peas exist??? :huh: Thank goodness Duran Duran and RHCP soon followed. The Spinal Tap backing singers craked me up! Foos were awesome!

    In this crazy world you must change yourself....

    Never compare yourself to others - people are more screwed up than you think.

  • i managed to get home from work in time to see to rhcp set, but i saw the opening on youtube, bit grainy, but looked good!

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