• I am in love with this guitar lately.

    I used to like the guitarists' guitars. e.g. Stratocaster used by Jeff Beck. Flying V used by Michael Schenker. LesPaul used by Jimmy Page...etc

    But recent stage pictures of Glenn coinsidently showed that his bass just had the same colouring to my recent favorite guitar.

    I have decided to buy this stratocaster. (I may need to sell anything from my house to do so :D )

    Anybody who works for Fender can help me for a special discount :lol: ?

  • Tony , is that a sig series guitar ? i'm usually up to speed on this stuff ... but this one has me stumped .. any chance of more info ?

    cheers mate ,

    - Ritchie

  • Hi! Ritchie!! (I have been always wanted to say this :lol:

    This guitar is : American Deluxe FSR(Factory Special Run) with noiz-less pickups, S-1 switch and 22 frets. Tremoro is 2 point tremoro. Quite modern spec with nice looking. The colour is said to be special for Jpn market I heard.

    Additionally, I have a story to tell you. Today on the way back from my office, I dropped off at a guitar shop and tried this. Unfortunately, the specific guitar did not have a chemical to me.

    I must carry on serching for the one for me.

  • I think you made a good choice, Tony. Looks and sounds very interesting. Tell me about the sound once you bought it, mate.

    In a national guitar magazine here, there was a report recently of a official ´57 Strat reissue ...with all vintage details including "tweed" case ...what a dream. I´ve always loved "strats" in any way they can approach. I personally prefer, especially when recording, to take one with a humbucker (H-S-S) instead of 3 single-coils (S-S-S) which gives you a much more intense and edgy sound, great for power-riffs ect. It´s a way to combine the advantages of strat and Les Paul a bit in one.

    Anyway, have a great weekend, Tony!

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