• Hi everyone,

    I'm on my way to Europe to play a coupla' shows in Norway.

    'Wanna welcome back my 'lil brother JJ Marsh. He is in great form, I have never seen him so happy and energised. He is a part of my family, and it's good to see and hear him beside me on stage. (So please everyone, let's not get into any debates on who is better, or the right guitar player 4 me...) Let's enjoy the journey that's in front of us and stay in the moment...Anders is on key's, Matt Goom (mine and Chad's buddy) is on drums.

    Thanx 4 the love... You make a difference!



  • Hi Glenn,

    no debates here, just keep going :)

    Say hi to JJ.

    Enjoy Norway and have fun.


  • For me JJ formed one of my fave riffs of the 21 c. Let it Go. No comparisons needed. Enjoy your Norway gigs Glenn. I was there recently looking at Viking boats for the TV series I am working on. Fascinating! Hmmm reminds me of a certain KLF video :thumbup:

  • We welcome Glenn and his long time friend JJ to Norway :) Always good to see our neighbour JJ in good mood. I remember the show in Madrid last year where Glenn and JJ delivered a fantastic show.

    We feel fortunate to have you back here and wish the band a good time - hopefully we will "meet & greet" one of the first days :thumbup:

    Wish you can take some of your other stuff also.. like "This time around", "This House", "Frail", "The Divine" & "This is how I feel" I am shore the festival audience will appresicate that in addition to quality funk and rock.

    Arild & Brita

  • I love JJ to bits. Jeff's guitar playing on the 'Burn' video Wolfy put up the other day is :bow:

    So JJ ... :bow: ... Jeff ... :bow: ...

    Can I get up now? :D

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Love to see them both on stage with Glenn sometime. Dual leads, trading leads, improvisation, aaaahhhh.

    Have fun Glenn...

    That's The Way It Is

    Chambersburg, PA, USA

  • Having an American and a European band with musicians of this caliber is fantastic! Steve Marriott used a similar concept on his self titled 1976 album and created two very different sides, one for each face of the vinyl record.
    I loved Jeff's playing on the Euro Tour last year during JJ's hiatus, but it's as great all the same to see JJ back now! Was just a matter of time anyway...
    Best for the live dates!




  • Hi Glenn

    I am so happy to hear that JJ's come back.
    Does JJ plays only for Noryway gig or has he really come back
    to your band?? or Anyone knows about it??

  • Hi, Glenn

    I fully agree with you. JJ seems to ble full of energy right now, and his guitar playing was fantastic at the Hell concert. You should have been the main attraction at the festival. You were my main attraction though.

    I met Anders after the concert at Brekstad in March. He seems kinda quiet at stage, but he is a very nice guy!


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