Mel & Phenomena III

  • I remember buying it when it came out after I had seen it on one of the pre-releases lists from the local distributor (that was EMV back then, nowadays better known as edel).

    I freaked (in a positive sense, big Lizzy fan here...) when I read that Scott Gorham played (most of the) guitars on that album, but I never liked it. Mediocre material, just another singer and almost no guests spots (well, at least Brian May is on it).

    It's been sleeping in my CD shelf for years, and I'm not gonna wake it up any time soon...




  • christian,

    i indeed like the album a bit.
    it features an advanced kind of women singing the chorus like the first phenomena.
    i don't think it's so bad.


  • Old thread but just found by me. Love to hear little tidbits like this about projects.

    Does anyone know how long this album was ready before it was actually released. It seems that I heard a snippet of a song years before the cd came out.

  • Hi 501Blues,

    Actually, the the demo the done about a year before it was put out.

    BMG was going to do it but then dropped it. I was shopping it around to all

    Labels in America since I was living in L.A. at the time. MCA really liked it

    but it wasn't what they were looking for & a few others wanted it heavier

    and wanted a few different tracks so nothing ever happened! Tom later

    got it out a year later on Parachute I think. Hope that helps :)



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