Turner and Malmsteen Reunite in Russia

  • Joe Lynn Turner (Ex-Rainbow/Deep Purple/Yngwie Malmsteen) and Yngwie Malmsteen Reunite in Moscow to Perform for the Prime Minister's Staff (New York, NY) Back in 1989, Joe Lynn Turner and Yngwie Malmsteen played over a dozen sold out shows in Leningrad and Moscow in Russia.

    Seventeen years later, the legendary vocalist and guitarist were invited back to Russia's capital by the Prime Minister for a command performance for his cabinet and staff on Russian Independence Day.

    It was an intimate show for about 75 people but the prestigious restaurant setting did not prevent the house from rocking! It also planted the seed for a reunion that many rock fans had been hoping to see since Malmsteen and Turner went their separate ways shortly after those historical concerts in the late 1980s. JLT and Yngwie each did separate sets but the night capped off with a jam session featuring both on the same stage. They did a couple Deep Purple songs and a some classics from their Malmsteen-Turner collection, including the haunting ballad, "Dreaming," off their 1988 release "Odyssey."

    According to Turner, this stint was also memorable because of what went on off stage. He said, "I was treated like a king for a few days with lavish accommodations. I had a Mercedes limousine and driver on call to take me shopping or where ever I wanted to go. I was also humbled by the extravagant gifts people gave me because they had been touched by my music."

    Fans of both artists know that the duo put aside their differences in 1996 when they teamed up for some Deep Purple cover tunes on Malmsteen's "Inspiration" album. However, this was the first time both had played together on stage since the late eighties. Joe has since been to Russia many times recently and one of his trips included recording an album with Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple/Black Sabbath) and the Lieutenant Mayor of Moscow Mikhail Men.

    Turner described the night as, "Magical," and said he did not rule out the possibility of working with Malmsteen again in the future. He said, "The ice (between Yngwie and I) has been broken."

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  • Thats pretty cool news! I hope to two will work together again in the near future and its nice to know the ice is broken now :)

    Yngwie's style has changed quite a bit since the Odyssey days (my god....almost 20 years ago!!!), so I am quite curious what the collaboration will bring :rolleyes:

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