• Just heard the news...Jeff Scott Soto is out of Journey :( No courage or courtesy on the part of the band. Just a cold shoulder and a short press release. If you peruse the Journey site, you'd never even know JSS was there.

    Pathetic treatment of a guy who has invigorated the band and generated excitement among its fans, and who had started to help put the band back on the map.


  • Hi all

    The 'Press Release' is over on Jeff's Site :


    but the crux of it is the usual - 'decided to just go our separate ways' & 'felt it was time to go in a different direction'.

    I didn't realise that Jeff was affecting Journey's direction to that degree - I thought they were doing their own 'traditional' music anyway & that Jeff just contributed the vocals (quite a major input :lol:) - perhaps someone out there with a bit more knowledge of the current 'Journey' can put me straight?

    My wicked side thinks that perhaps Mr Scott Soto was trying to badger a certain Mr Schon into reforming Soul Sirkus:bow:


    Ben !!

  • Wow - now that has seriously surprised me! His voice was perfect for Journey's sound / songs. He's a star no matter what he does :bow:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Just in time to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Steve Perry joining the band...coincidence?

  • I can't tell you how shocked I am by this. I spent some time with Jeff over the weekend in Sweden. It was the last date Talisman will ever do there and I was emotional about that for a kick off! When we got back to the hotel, Jeff was laughing at me because I cried (even though he admitted he was close to it himself at one point), but he was laughing because the last time he saw me cry was when I was so proud of him at landing the Journey job!

    He said "Did I have you crying AGAIN?" Then he picked me up and just laughed and laughed.

    It was a great gig, a great night and he was so happy that although Talisman is all but over, he was moving on to bigger and better things.

    My one hope now is that people who saw him on tour with Journey will stay supporters of him in whatever he does. I know I will certainly prefer to see him rather than Journey after this.

    He is not only a mega talented musician, but a beautiful human being, a true gentleman and a good friend. He was so lovely to me after my Mum died - I didn't even know he knew! He looked after Phil and I at the 2 Manchester shows and is always happy to see - not only us, but any fans he has met. He never turns away an autograph or photo and is always gracious and courteous.

    I can't imagine why Journey think it's a good idea to part ways, but I'm sure Jeff will continue to be a major league performer.

    I for one wish him all the success in the world.

  • Whaaaaaaatttt????
    Saw Journey with Augeri - great show but basically a tribute act with a soundalike.
    Saw Journey with JSS - Totally reinvigorated band, smiles, passion, excitement - A new start.
    God damn FOOLS ! :huh:

  • Hey Todd,

    You caught me totally off with that title....here I was expecting to hear about your move into your new locale...and BAM....I read that JSS and Journey have gone, er....you know.

    I could speculate endlessly on this..but I won't. Let's see what shakes out of the trees in the next few weeks. But it still sucks; it seemed that it was a great fit :(

    That really is a shame :sint1: :bye:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Utterly floored by the news, couldn't believe what I was seeing when I logged onto Melodicrock this morning. A coworker suggested the next step is either Rockstar Journey, Dean giving up the drums for the mic, or even them getting a tribute band singer. Just mindblowing. It won't/just physically cannot be Perry coming back, that's for sure.


  • I could see Dean taking up the mic, but something definitely went awry. It'll be interesting to see who is hiding in the woodpile because this simply makes no sense.

    Further, as talented as it was, one Soul Sirkus was enough for me.

    That's The Way It Is

    Chambersburg, PA, USA

  • I have read a few postings on various sites (rumors more than anything) that JSS will be Queen's new singer.

    Like I said, probably more rumor than anything else, but it would be a neat thing if he did sing for them.

    Whatever he chooses, I'll still buy the albums he's on. Heck, I'd love for him to record with Yngwie again.


  • Wow, The first time I listened to Jss sing "send her my love " acoustically I was blown away. When he was in Journey I went way out of my way to see them. That's a huge shame. He was a perfect fit.

  • Man, I feel so sorry for Jeff. I went to 2 gigs during this tour. Vosselaar and Zoetermeer. I spoke to Jeff twice and told him I was a long time fan. Got all his (obscure) albums and that I was so happy for him he finally got something big going on...

    Now I feel very, very sorry for him...

  • When I read the news on JSS blog, I was very surprised. I had been able to see him live as a member of Journey and thought they all worked very well together. I am glad he had that stint with Journey as I got to see what a terrific showman he is - even if it wasn't his own material. I eagerly await his next project and hope it is one where I'll get to see him perform live again.

  • i missed the UK Journey tour with Jeff (but saw Steve A with them), then the UK Talisman shows were cancelled!

    Soul Sirkus looks dead to me too.

    Brian May has written a very good and thoughtful piece about it.

    Steve Perry coming back would be the big worldwide money spinner but i cant see it after all the talk in the past from both parties. Maybe Dean will sing but can he last a tour?

    As for "different directions", what crap! I think they mean Jeff wanted to rock and they wanted more soppy ballads!

    I really hope Jeff hits the bigtime solo as joining another band again will have the same problems lurking in the background.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Jeff really brought new energy and credibility to the band at a time their reputation was floundering due to tapegate. The fans were thrilled with the shows,and I was just really excited thinking about the possiblities the album would have brought. Jeff, unlike Steve Augeri is a full blown songwriter like Steve Perry and that would have been a huge plus. At the same time, he's more different from Steve Perry than Paul Rodgers is from Freddie Mercury. It just seems totally ridiculous that they announced him as the full blown singer, because they already knew Jeff was no Perry clone, they didn't hear that on Soul Sirkus or any of the dozens of albums with Jeff's voice on them? . Makes no sense to me. The backlash against Journey on the bulletin boards has been swift and furious and leaves the band floundering and looking like asses to everybody when they really could have been moving upwards. It should have been handled better. If they wanted Steve Perry clone number 2, why didn't they just go get Kevin Chalfant?


  • The band are not returning to any former singer. While it would be great to see them back with Perry, it's just not going to happen. I don't want to see it. How are they going to do it? Tune Faithfully from B down to F#? Lights from D down to A? Yuck. Seger's been touring recently and I've noticed huge tune downs and he still can't even hit any high notes. As Jon Friga said recently, I mean Cain, "It's not just his voice, it's his body too". Perry's done, and I have great admiration for him that he's not out there making a total fool of himself.


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