Can It Be? James Brown tribute Whisky June 14th?

  • ehhhh......I can hear Glenn doing a really funky version of I Got The Feeling in my head.......(especially the baby, baby, baby part)! ;)

  • Somebody keep Buddy Miles away from the mic if there's an audience singalong - the guy won't know when to wrap it up! :lol: But he sure is a top notch entertainer. I'd enjoy seeing him again.


  • Just got confirmation....

    that both GLENN and Chad WILL NOT be attending or performing at this event.

    Good ;) Because I wasn't able to make it over. I couldn't stand the thought of missing an appearance so close to home. It would have been cool though, the funk would have been flowing down the streets.


  • i could see Glenn doing a cover of 'MY THANG", " THE PAYBACK", or 'GET UP OFFA THAT THING"....... or for an old one, 'TRY ME' ... he'd tear em up .

  • I don't know about this tribute with this particular line up! You have to eat,drink,sleep,bathe and be baptized in funkdafied to cover a james brown song!This is something that is inborn!Soul,funk,blues,jazz and r&b have to be in your bones to get the job done right!I have heard many try and it did not work out.

    James Brown is a hell of an artist to cover! Those who want to try good luck! :cool:

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