VCR, Waterfront Fest Pix

  • 22nd Annual Waterfront Festival - Alexandria, VA. - Friday, June 13th, 2003
    The gig was almost rained out, but they managed to go on - thank goodness!

    Lots of GH fans there...GLENN sang...

    Whiter Shade Of Pale
    Sunshine Of Your Love

    and Smoke On The Water as the encore.

    Alex Ligertwood, GLENN, Barry Dunaway, Jimi Jamison, Lane Hoppen and Jerry Riggs

    Jerry Riggs, GLENN and Jimi Jamison

    GLENN with DJ Cerphe, who interviewed him for local radio station - 94.7 The Arrow - WARW FM

    Pictures Courtesy: Gabrielle Hughes


    [ame='']Glenn Hughes - Hush (Washington 2003) !!!!!!!!!!! - YouTube[/ame]

  • Hey Hey,
    Thank God it didn't rain!
    Now I have 2 shows under my belt!(Hard Rock).
    So much talent on the stage that night. Too
    bad there was'nt a larger crowd. Thanks to
    Uncle Glenn for the words from the stage, and
    talking after the show!
    When I get the abilty I will post my pics.

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