BB King's, New York Pix & Report

  • I guess it didn't occur to the promoter to spell Glenn's name
    the same as it is on the official promo poster?! Sheesh...

    Very true, Todd.
    Yes, we are enthusiastic Glenn Hughes fans.
    BUT REALLY, when you think about it,
    it's all Glenn's fault that his name is always mis-spelled.

    Now if he had had Sister Ernestine for English (as I did)
    she would have made him practice "The Palmer Handwriting Method"
    and Glenn's "meet and greet" autograph wouldn't read, as it does today:


    Scan down to the photo of Glenn's autograph,
    written on the back of his Manne guitar, at the NAMM show in 2005,
    and you'll see what I mean..............:eek:…ight=glenn+namm


  • :cool: Hi, Grace,
    You made me laugh with your witty remarks (as usual by the way)!! ;) I liked the variants you suggested of Glenn's name!! :lol:
    Hope he won't be angry with us after this!!!

    Enjoy the show tonight!!!

  • Looking forward to the report & pix.
    Wish I was there.
    Enjoy it all.

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • Another breathtaking performance by GLENN and the band, who were smokin' tonight, despite a few technical glitches along the way, they showed no sign of trouble - the sound was again top notch, despite the unusal floorplan of the venue.

    Newcomer Steve Stephens on drums was excellent and both Jeff Kollman and Ed Roth were outstanding.

    It was great to see so many new and old friends, hopefully it won't be too long before we're all able to hook-up once again at a GH show this side of the pond :cool:

    Here are some pix and clips - enjoy :thumbup:

    GLENN and Jeff Kollman


    Steve Stephens

    GLENN and Jeff Kollman


    Some GHCP's at the Meet'n'Greet - you know who you are :D

    Kenny, Mark, Carolyn, captmidnite1962, Forever Young

    FCinella, Wolfysmith

    Forever Young, Jayne & Ben

  • Great show, indeed.

    As usual, I underestimated the Lincoln Tunnel traffic, so my 12 mile ride took 2 hours. As such, I missed a chance at a decent table and was one of the standee's at the bar (though it was still a good vantage point).

    Never seeing MkIII or IV songs live before, they were welcome. Burn, done by any band, is a treat. Also was feeling his solo stuff.


  • Well, for my first post on this forum, we saw a fantastic show last night. We met some great people last night and we would especially like to thank Vinny for our great seats. It was nice to hear some Purple stuff, as well as the brand new material. We hope this is the first of many shows here in the States. The show was packed, Hey Glenn, how about the Beacon Theatre next time??!!!! What a nice way to end the night when Glenn blew up BB Kings amplifier!! Smokin'

    Thank you David & Shirean for all you do.
    (P.S. Kenny & Carolyn wish everyone well and will post when they get home)

    Love you GLENN -- Love you all---- ;)


  • Yeah, I'm gonna' complain about something :eek:

    Who was the marketing genius who decided to play music
    SO FREAKIN' LOUD that you couldn't talk to the other GHCPs,
    while waiting for the opening act, or Glenn, to start?

    Cripes.....I like my music loud and proud, but I didn't go to BB King's
    to listen to old Rolling Stones records blasting from the PA system.
    It was really aggravating to have to yell "Hello" to people.

    Everybody's gonna' post their reviews, so I'll just add that it
    seemed to me, that Glenn played an awful lot of bass for each song.
    Not just an occasional "plunka plunka" but a very varied style bass
    to match each song's style.......solid foundation for the rock,
    arrogant..... in your face style, for the funk, etc.

    Yeah, I know that that's what a bass guitar is supposed to do,
    but Glenn was kind of busy...........uhhh, singing at the time.
    I think that GH wanted to claim his rights to be considered as both
    a singer and bassist, more so than I've ever heard before.
    Anybody agree with me about this?

    What a show! :rose:
    What talent the man has!
    And what step back for the band solos.

    How does he do it? Any of it?
    And to have enough energy left over, to be friendly, patient,
    and funny, for the "meet and greet" afterwards? I have no clue.

    :huh: :1: :huh:

    PS............Thanks, David. I appreciate your help, for my quick get-a-way.
    I was able to catch the last Lakeland Bus Line (1:00am) back to Jersey.
    My car was waiting for me, SAFELY, at the Parsippany PD parking lot. HOORAY!


  • First time seeing Glenn and he did not diasappoint!

    He sings so well - his range and power are unmatched.

    Show was great - would have liked a Trapeze , Seventh Star song or some of his older solo songs.... but I guess he would have to play all night.

    The crowd was great and it was packed glad I got good seats in the front.

    hopefully he will be back....


  • All I can say is WOW! It was just unbelievable! I knew it would be good but it was so much better than I expected. He was nothing short of amazing.

    I have to agree with Grace about his bass playing too. It was my first show so maybe that's how his bass work comes off live? I just never got that listening to the recordings, whether they be live or studio. He really ripped it up last night on the Fender though and his sound was killer!

    His voice was just outstanding! He never ceased to do something mind blowing. Talk about singing from the soul!

    The rest of the band smoked as well. I was very impressed with Jeff. Great player.

    I also must mention all the really cool people I met. Wolfy, Frank, Ben, Grace, David, Shirean and all the significant others. Plus those whose names I can't remember right now. We just had a great time. It was a birthday I'll never forget. Thanks to all those who made it happen. You are all tops in my book. I look greatly forward to doing this again with you all as well as meeting those who couldn't make it this time.

    Last but certainly not least, thank you Glenn!! You are a talent beyond words and to see it up close and meet you was incredible.

  • It might be just a tiny detail....but seeing Glenn's name next to BB King's pic on the marquee is not a mere coincidence! ;)

    Glad to see that my NY crew (and especially those from Brooklyn!) had such a great time!

    In this crazy world you must change yourself....

    Never compare yourself to others - people are more screwed up than you think.

  • I have been a HUGE Glenn fan for over 30 years now. For the first time I saw him live last night at BB Kings in NYC. What an incredible artist!! His voice is better now than ever, and his bass playing is second to none! Loved his band as well, Kollman was incredible.

    Big Daddy put on quite a show to say the least!!


  • I don't quite know how to put my feelings re: the BB King show last night into words. It was simply breathtaking, jaw-dropping, eye-misting, spine-tingling... oh, I guess you get my point by now!

    Glenn's vocals have never sounded better and his bass-playing had me completely floored. Jeff Kollman is the perfect guitarist for Glenn's music (no offense to JJ). New drummer, Steve Stevens, is fantastic too. Keyboardist Ed Roth did a great job adding color and background to the sound, especially during vocal solo spots like "This Time Around".

    I thought the setlist was interesting and definitely showed New York that Glenn is looking forward rather than backward. Mostly Soul Mover and Divine tunes with a handful of Purple. I was definitely excited to see Glenn continue to strive beyond the nostalgia route which many of his contemporaries have undertaken.

    Anyway, Glenn and company, thanks for the great night out in the Big Apple and for putting on the best performance I've seen in a long, long time.


  • I have to agree..........about his bass playing too.
    It was my first show so maybe that's how his bass work
    comes off live?

    I'm no musician, John, but compared to the other times that
    I've seen a GH show live.........this NY show seemed to have
    much more of a noticeable bass guitar sound than ever before.


    I also must mention all the really cool people I met.
    It was a birthday I'll never forget.
    You are all tops in my book.

    Yes, we GHCPs are all rather perfect people, huh? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    But in all the commotion, we forgot to sing:

    :birthday3 :birthday: :birthday3 to you.

    I'm glad that GH gave you a special way to celebrate your Birthday!
    Grace ~


  • Well the whole thing did blow by rather quickly, didn't it? There was just so much to soak in and we just needed some more time I think.

    All the cool people along with the whole GH experience! Too much to absorb in one night :bow:

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