• Would love to here some of this live - the cd sounds like Glenn is letting loose!!!

  • Aside from just Feel it would be great if he played more of his solo stuff. He has such a large collection of his own music to choose from that a lot would be left out. In that regard I was a little disappointed in the large number of Deep Purple songs in his LA gig last night. I'm a huge Deep Purple fan, that's how I first came across Glenn's amazing voice, but I would vote for him must keeping "Gettin' Tighter" for its extended funky jam and then doing stuff from the rest of his immense career. Like has he played anything from the Voodoo Hill albums? Or anything from Fused? He could easily do a long setlist with no more than one song from any album. In the end I guess we must leave it up to Big Poppa to decide what he'll play.

  • Feel must be Glenns best work since the comeback. The only song I have trouble with is the refrain for Save me tonight - which is a little too much. Otherwise the songs and performances are super!! :p

  • This is an awesome record. I was pretty excited because this has Pat Thrall and Glenn working together again. Every song is good to great, very strong songwriting from Glenn and his collaborators. If there's anything that kinda disappointed me it's probably Pat Thrall, who was actually a big reason for me getting the album. The songs he wrote are good and his rhythm playing if fine, but I kinda miss the stunning lead guitar from Hughes/Thrall. The guitarist that did surprise is actually Bruce Gowdy. I was not familiar with his work but I liked his tone, his solos were good and most important, Talkin to Messiah is one hell of a riff!!!


  • The guitarist that did surprise is actually Bruce Gowdy. I was not familiar with his work but I liked his tone, his solos were good and most important, Talkin to Messiah is one hell of a riff!!!

    If you want hear more from Bruce Gowdy, check out the band World Trade. They have released two albums. The first one World Trade back from the 80s - this is VERY hard to get on CD, I only have it vinyl - is AOR with a good portion of Prog Rock thrown in. I haven't listened to this album in ages...

    Their 2nd album Euphoria was released in 1995 on the Magna Carta label and is excellent Prog Rock. Click HERE for more info.

    And here's another Glenn Hughes connection:

    The singer/bass player in World Trade was Billy Sherwood, long-time friend of Glenn and Producer/Arranger of the recent Beatles Tribute album Glenn has contributed to... small wordl, eh! :cool:




  • Yes, well I have done some research on Bruce Gowdy but although I have looked I have never even heard a World Trade song. I did find Stone Fury, Lenny Wolf's pre-Kingdom Come band and that was great stuff. Bruce was also in Unruly Child with Mark Free who is also an excellent singer.

    I've looked up most of the musicians on this album but the ones I've really had a hard time finding info about are Todd Hunter and Marc Huggenberger.

  • I've been listening to "Feel" a lot lately. Something about it has finally clicked and I'm enjoying it more now than in the past. While the influence of Stevie Wonder on Glenn is well known (the album ends with a Stevie cover), on "Feel" I'm also hearing a less obvious influence: Michael McDonald, especially his Doobie Brothers albums.

    Perhaps I'm just imagining things, but "Livin' for the Minute" seems to be sly tribute/reference to McDonald's Doobie Brothers song "Minute by Minute" (the title track of an album of the same name). "She Loves Your Money" also reminds me a lot of McDonald.

    To me "Feel" ranks with "Play Me Out" and "F.U.N.K." as one of Glenn's funkiest most soulful recordings.

  • I've also been listening a lot to Feel lately. The ballads on the album are particularly fine and strongly showcase Glenn's marvellous voice.

    I love Coffee and Vanilla!!!! A really cool song.

  • Yeah, "Coffee and Vanila" that's a great one. It was the track that caught my attention the first time I heard the album.

    I love the way the chorus is sung, either Glenn multi-tracked or Glenn with back-up singers:

    "And we don't look for trouble
    Can we break it down,
    As we sit at the table?
    And we don't burst that bubble
    And we come around.
    Are you ready and able?
    Like coffee & vanilla

    Now that I think of it, there's also a bit of Prince in some of the playing on "Feel."

  • Wow!! I forgot how great this album is! Have been stopping the use of CDS in the car, finally got around to ripping this one, haven't played it in awhile. Burned the wave files to my ipod and listened to it Sat night on a trip. Totally awesome! For some reason some of the drum beats remind me of Steve Ferrone, who I just saw with David Garfield and Alex Ligertwood at Spaghetini. GH and Steve would be great...He's so much more than what he does with Tom Petty. Come to think of it GH should do an album of 10 songs with a different drummer on everyone- he has so many great ones in the camp anyway. Feel really holds up and I love it more than when I got it ten years ago :claphands

  • two words... Coffee & Vanilla!
    I had this album in heavy rotation when it first came out...
    It's been one masterpiece after another from Glenn ever since.

    nothing works like a smile...

  • I love the Feel album, which I bought while living in Hamburg in 1995. My faveorite track was 'talkin to messiah', which I finally covered with my band last year. Our singer actually met Glenn a month after this video in NY while seeing his show there, and showed him the vid, to which Glenn replied, "You rock!"


    Talkin' to messiah by Shatner's hairpiece - Live at the Yale[/ame]

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