New - TTA: An Anthology 1970-2007

  • Well, according to Sanctuary UK, the 29 song track list is as follows:

    DISC 1
    Trapeze - Medusa
    Trapeze - You Are The Music
    Deep Purple - Sail Away
    Deep Purple - Holy Man
    Deep Purple - You Can’t Do It Right
    Deep Purple - Gettin’ Tighter
    L.A. Cut Off
    I Found A Woman
    Hughes/Thrall - Muscle And Blood
    Gary Moore/Glenn Hughes - Reach For The Sky
    Black Sabbath - No Stranger To Love
    So Much Love To Give
    Burn (live)
    Coast To Coast (live)

    DISC 2
    Coffee And Vanilla
    I Don’t Want To Live That Way Again
    The Way It Is
    Double Life
    Midnight Meditated
    Can’t Stop The Flood
    Don’t Let It Slip
    Secret Life
    Dark Star
    Soul Mover
    Iommi/Hughes - Dopamine
    Steppin’ On
    Justine (previously unreleased)
    This Time Around (live)

    Also, as per the CHAT with GLENN a couple of weeks ago, he confirmed they'll now be just one bonus track - Justine, featuring Stevie Salas and Matt Sorum - but one of the live tracks is taken from the recent Ukraine date in Kiev this past Spring - This Time Around - and not just lifted from BJL as was originally assumed :)

  • If those 29 songs are Glenn's choice for this CD,
    then it's OK by me.
    A nice, round number, say 30, would be even better :)

    The almost jazzy version of :rose: "You Keep On Moving" :rose:
    from the "Rockline" radio interview of December 2002, would be perfect.
    I think that it would brilliantly showcase "the smooth facet" of Glenn's talent.

    C'mon Glenn.
    I'll be able to afford to buy this Anthology,
    with all the money that I'll not buying any mascara :(

    (I never get tired of listening to any version of that song. Love it :heart: )

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