New - TTA: An Anthology 1970-2007

  • Taking this "thread" further along the road.......

    I wonder if "GHCP trainee Hughes" had the spare time :lol:

    he could explain why he chose each particular song for this CD.

    Maybe each choice will be explained in the liner notes?

    Anybody......Glenn Hughes included...... would find this to be a tough job.

    I know that I couldn't do it :huh:


  • Well Grace, be sure and save that question for him, as he'll be joining us here on Sunday, July 22nd for a CHAT :cool:

    Once again David comes through in a BIG way. Hopefully for a change I can make that chat session. And thanks in advance to Glenn for visiting with us once again.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Well Grace, be sure and save that question for him,


    I'm already planning on my traditional whining and complaining
    about not having "You Keep On Moving" on the list,
    for the new GH Anthology CD.

    And using the specific version from Glenn's live appearance on the
    "Rockline" radio interview program, that I taped on a cassette,
    on December 4, 2002........

    ......Glenn discusses his new band - Shape 68, and introduces
    JJ Marsh, Jeff Kollman, "the lovely Ed Roth," and Gary Ferguson.
    They then proceed to perform first, a live version of "Gettin' Tighter."

    Followed by this version of "YKOM" which is almost jazzy in texture.
    I think it would show a totally different facet of Glenn's talent.
    Of all the versions of "YKOM" I think that this one would be the best, for this CD.

    Poor Glenn.
    Getting yelled at by an ax murderer.........:lol:


  • Depending where you look, a couple of what look like, unreleased bonus tracks, are added to the line-up :cool:

    • Justine
    • Song For You

    Maybe that first one is actually Jolayne? Hmmm, a good question for the CHAT on Sunday, me thinks :)


    for the die hard fans it is always a great news that there will be some unreleased tracks. Then the cd becomes a must have.



  • You can checkout the full and final tracklisting over at Sanctuary's UK website - one less bonus track included than originally planned, but it's made up for, by recent 2007 live recordings from the Spring gigs in Russia :cool:…0&rt=&lastpage=

  • Hi all

    An interesting track selection for this anthology. Seems that there was a plan to take one track from the solo releases, but none from now on. Any reason why??

    Paul J

  • Thanks David.

    Asssumed it was just this, although wondered whether it was record company problems. Mind you, if he was just using favourite albums as a criteria for song inclusion i think most of mftd would have been included.


  • I have no idea how I managed to miss the chat, but obviously I did... :huh: :huh: :huh:

    seems an odd choice (although I like it, simply because of the fact that it does have a Mellotron on it!), and I wanted to ask Glenn about it..

    Really looking forward to this release and all the other good stuff coming this year... :)



  • Christian

    I think there are a few odd choices. Curse is actually one of my favourite GH songs, and is quite unique. i think that is why some of the songs have been chosen, to try to show the varied style of papa, rather than a 'best of' selection. Is the track listing order as stated?? Seems odd to start cd2 with coffee and vanilla, followed by I dont want to live...

    Best wishes to you all


  • I was surfing around and checked the DPAS site. They have an update on Glenn's anthology and there seem to be a few changes in the song line-up.

    Here is the song list they give;
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
    Provisional track listing :

    TRAPEZE: Your Love Is Alright / Medusa / You Are The Music. DEEP PURPLE: Sail Away / Holy Man / You Can't Do It Right. ROGER GLOVER: Get Ready. DEEP PURPLE: Getting' Tighter. GLENN HUGHES: LA Cut Off / I Found A Woman. HUGHES/THRALL: Muscle And Blood. PHENOMENA: Phoenix Rising. GARY MOORE: Reach For The Sky. BLACK SABBATH: No Stranger To Love. JOHN NORUM: Face The Truth. GLENN HUGHES: So Much Love To Give / Burn (Live) / Coast To Coast (Live) / If You Don't Want Me To / Coffee And Vanilla / Talking To Messiah / Down / I Don't Want To Live That Way Again / The Way It Is / Curse / Double Life / Midnight Meditated. VOODOO HILL: Golden One (Gabi’s Song). GLENN HUGHES: Don't Let It Slip / Written All Over Your Face / Can't Stop The Flood / Soul Mover. TONY IOMMI / GLENN HUGHES: Dopamine. GLENN HUGHES: Steppin On / This Is How I Feel.

    If this is the final track listing, then From Now On is represented and a curious addition in the form of "Get Ready" ...I would have gone for "Until Tomorrow" from the Wizard's Convention instead but that is why compilations can be a source of contention ;)

    Just a few more weeks.....:thumbup:


    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

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