Hensley report

  • GLENN will make a special live appearance with former Uriah Heep member Ken Hensley, at Fabrik in Hamburg, Germany on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007, to help celebrate Ken's latest CD release, "Blood On The Highway", which GLENN is featured on.

    The Ken Hensley Story
    "Blood On The Highway"
    CD Release Concert - Time: 9:00PM

    featuring live performances by:

    GLENN HUGHES, Jørn Lande, John Lawton, Eve Gallagher

    Tickets: 24 Euro in advance; 28 Euro at the door

    http://www.fabrik.de/de/programm/vorschau.html or http://www.ticketonline.de

    Venue website: http://www.fabrik.de

  • Does anyone know if Glenn and Ken Hensley have performed live together on stage before?
    Should be an interesting and fantastic show!

  • That would have been too good!

    I have been planning to fly to Hamburg for a long time (not for the Reeperbahn, but for appointments... yeah, really - I have been invited to visit one of our business partners and two of our own stores in Hamburg) and could have combined those two appointments with the Ken Hensley show on the 22nd!

    But unfortunately we have a (TBC) gig with Medusa here in Vienna, May 23rd so Hamburg is now very unlikely for me....

    Hope the filming goes well and the DVD turns out great!

  • Maybe I can manage it to attend the Hensley gig, its about time to visit Hamburg again, one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been.

    Yeah Chris, Medusa gig...lol....seems I´ll catch you there :) We talk again these days about this issue.

    Take care, brother

  • ...Ken Hensley wrote a report about his concert (the one glenn couldn't attnd due to an airstrike)


    AN EXCELLENT REPORT! Thank you, Ad! :bow:

    Ken is really a writer! He had managed to put his emotions into words! It is wonderful!
    But I'm infinitely sorry that GLENN could not make the show :( The DVD would have been several times better with him!

    But life goes on! Look forward to the coming US gigs!!! :thumbup:

    Cheer up, everyone! ;)http://www.glennhughes.com//ww…com/pin/create/extension/

  • ...Ken Hensley wrote a report about his concert (the one glenn couldn't attnd due to an airstrike)


    What a pity that Glenn couldn't take part in that concert as many people just came to see him.

    The poster is offered on ebay.de

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