• Considering Deep Purple (mk III & IV) were one of the biggest bands of that 70's era why is it that every time I see pictures/images of the band there invariably ones that i've seen countless times before. With access to the WWW being as it is in this day and age I would have thought there would be far more new pix available and accessible! Heaven knows i've searched!... just a thought!

  • Most of these 'classic' photographers have contracts with agencies who distribute them on their behalf - this is where most magazines get their pix from. They're available, but for a hefty $$ price :)

    Some photographers licence their own material directly, but again for a fee.

    If you look, you can find some rare stuff on the web, but generally they're just thumbnails or highly watermarked images, and again, also available for direct purchase. There are links in various posts here to some of them, but of course, Google will get you to them as well :)

    In short, it's just the nature of the business.

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