Hello GH fans

  • Just found out about the Jukebox here today. I found that by googling "Misty Mountain Hop". Sadly it isn't on there now. That's a great place to hear a wide variety of his music. If his duet with Stacey Ellis hasn't shown up there I'd love to find out how to uploead it here for everyone to hear what an incredible song it is.

  • Welcome aboard wogskippybig and be sure to have a good look around :cool:

    Yes, we swap out the "Pick Of The Month" featured song each and every month in the Jukebox - so MMH is no longer up there - eventually it'll be one of the pre-selected songs, but not for a few months more.

    We've featured "Growing Wise" previously and in fact it's been included from time to time as one of the pre-selections. So no need to upload. You could always Trade with someone, although I think most folks here probably have it already :)

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