HTP Rehearsals

  • It's sooooo good to see Shane back on drums!!! He was amazing while visiting Finland with Glenn back in 2001.

    ..and "blonde Black more" on guitar - can't wait to hear that album!!!

    BUT c'mon boys - 2 (two), kaksi, två, zwei microphones - where's that cheek to cheek stuff???



    Tero Honkasalo

  • Man would it be cool too see these guys tour the U.S......(slap)wake up your only dreaming.

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • Well Ken, you never know....after the upcoming slew of interviews to promote the US release of HTP's debut album, it might hopefully happen.

    So be on the look out for and listen in on your local rock station for interviews with Glenn, Joe or both and even maybe see news about HTP in newspapers, magazines and online music-related portals

    At long last, the buzz has started over here Stateside

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