: ) Glenn's NY schedule......

  • List of 10 "Things to Do" while in New York...........

    #1. Performance at BB Kings.
    Do a good job of it; that's a tough crowd out there.

    #2. Try to survive "meeting and greeting" those
    really crazy New York Crazy People.

    #3. Visit various record company executives.
    Arrange to be accompanied by "The GHCP Special Forces Squad."

    #4. Visit the office of the Honorable Mayor of the City of New York,
    Michael Bloomberg, and drop a few hints, while showing him
    the Certificates of Appreciation from the mayors of other cities.

    #5. Stand at the corner of 6th Avenue and 50th Street,
    and ask people to sign your petition, for the name change
    of the Radio City Music Hall.

    #6. Pop into Saint Patrick's Cathedral (5th Avenue and 50th Street)
    to impress the congregation with an a capella version of "Ave Maria.":rose:

    a) Take voice/speech lessons from a Brooklyn longshoreman,
    or a Pakistani taxi cab driver, in an effort to sound "more American."

    b) Visit Liberty Island, in New York Harbor, to film a video/DVD
    at the Statue of Liberty, while singing "The Star Spangled Banner."
    Based on the famous poem by Emma Lazarus....try to look tired, poor,
    huddled, wretched, homeless, and tempest-tossed.

    c) Get an "I :heart: NY" tattoo.

    (All of #7 will come in handy, for the US citizenship test interview.)

    #8. Visit the lovely town of Glen (n Hughes, the Voice of) Rock, New Jersey.
    Visti that Mayor, too, and have your photograph taken at the "Welcome to Glen Rock" sign.

    #9. Make a quick trip to Nazareth, Pennsylvania, to visit the Martin Guitar Comapany;
    take the guided tour of the factory; and get photographed for the cover of their magazine.
    (Hopefully, Gabi will not realize that you've returned home, with 5 more guitars
    than you started out with.)
    :guitarist :guitarist :guitarist :guitarist :guitarist

    #10. And most important of all, while enjoying the life-style that you do,
    (walking on the beach, etc.) fully realize that it is impossible to find a decent cannoli
    in the entire state of California. Visit Alphonso's Pastry Shop in Staten Island,
    to stock up on lots 'O goodies to take home with you. (This will also come in handy,
    and possibly save your life, in case Gabi does notice the 5 extra guitars.)

    :birthday3 :weddingcake: :birthday3 :weddingcake: :weddingcake: :birthday3

    (Anybody notice if Glenn is laughing, while reading this?)


  • Grace....

    How could you possibly forget the bagels?? :eek:

    There is a bagel shop in my hometown of Baldwin NY...can't remember the name but I couldn't possibly forget those bagels. We have a few pretenders to the throne down here in VA but if you want the bonafide article..you have to cross the Perry Mason Line..oops, the Mason Dixon Line !!

    Last year I went to NY to interview for a job at Jet Blue. At the terminal I had the finest pastrami on rye with mustard that I ever had...expensive but great!! :thumbup:
    We can also send Glenn back to CA with a crate of Drake's Cakes too...they absolutely RULE!! :bouncer:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Ahhh, New York food. Even the "not-so-special" places are great. Glenn needs a pizza first off, which I am sure we can take care of easily, then, at about 3:00 AM, we whisk him off to White Casket, uh Castle, for about 16 "sliders" ( at a cost of about $4.00 ;)). If he survives that, as only New Yorkers can, then we make him an honorary New Yorker and invite himj to play weekly shows there.

    I'll bring the Italian pastry if Bill brings the bagels...

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • wolfy ~ Who cares if YOU are laughing?
    YOU........don't have the authority to have the bouncers throw me out of BB Kings :eek:
    PS: Make sure that there's some empty space in your suitcase, when you come "over here."

    Bill ~ Bagels........for breakfast.

    Frank ~ A White Castle from White Castle......for lunch.

    Cannolis for the other 22 hours of the day! :)

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