A HEAVENly night of HELLish metal...

  • Frank, there is no doubt in my mind that for every band we do agree on, I have something in my collection we would not agree on. LOL Variety is the spice of life, as they say. Sandwiched between classic albums by AC/DC, Sabbath, Glenn Hughes, Rory Gallagher, Sam Cooke, BOC, Gamma and Alan Parsons you'll find albums by Venom, King Diamond, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Willie Nelson and Sade.

    I also happen to know a certain someone who's a fan of Missy Elliott...:D And it's not me :eek:


  • Todd, I have to agree with you 100%...as for the Missy Elliot fan, would that happen to be someone from the Southwest? :D I haven't room to talk with my collection of Motorhead placed next to "Classical Loon" along the way.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Hey!! ...I hear I'm being talked about on this forum.

    Jeez, can't a guy have a single of Missy's, not a full CD, but a single mind you, and not be labeled a fan ;)

    :singer: :singer: "Work it....flip it over and re-verse it ":singer: :singer:

    Hey Frank, next week when we go to the ballgame, I'm gonna wear my Missy t-shirt. Is that okay? :D



  • Thanks for the offer Todd, but I believe I will go with either the Barry Manilow or Tom Jones :singer:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • :( :( :(

    Yes, the strain of the excitement, for the up-coming Glenn Hughes
    Los Angeles performance is starting to take its toll on the fans.

    Example: Use of the word "ensemble" in a GHPG post,
    and arguing about making the correct t-shirt fashion statements.

    Perhaps if these 3 gentlmen end up at the same rest home,
    Glenn might perform a charity concert there, for them.
    With doctor's approval, of course.

    C'mon guys; stay tough.
    You can do it......only one more month to go!



  • Perhaps for some of us, it's the strain of wondering if we'll make it to the show at all...:(

    After almost 15 years here in Las Vegas, Angie and I are moving back to Boise. I have received a job transfer that I put in for late last year, and it just so happens that this move comes two weeks before the L.A. show, and throws a huge wrench into my plans. I won't know if it's a go until the week of the show. Good grief, I'm so frazzled I'm speaking in rhyme now...

    I don't need to tell you how depressing it would be to miss this show.


  • :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    You're moving in 2 weeks?
    You've already found someplace to live in Boise,
    or staying with relatives/friends until you find someplace?
    How long since you knew this transfer was coming through,
    conflicting with the GH performance?

    OK. None of the above questions are any of my business,
    so please forgive my numerous questions to my state of shock.

    PS......If you "officially" leave Las Vegas in 2 weeks,
    could you take an immediate two week vacation,
    using that time for a liesurely, scenic (by way of LA)
    route heading up north?

    "Finagling" as fast as I can think them up......................

    :( :( :( :( :( :(


  • Long story short - I was second on the transfer list, and didn't anticipate a transfer coming through for at least a year. The person ahead of me who received the transfer basically talked herself out of it, and got herself fired. So it landed in my lap now, and I only found out about a week ago :eek:

    Now, if you'll excuse me I have to get back to my head spinning, hair pulling and high blood pressure. Oh, and packing up everything I own. And calling back the realtor. And renting a truck. And...and...and...but I'm doing my best to keep my :D


  • I'm looking forward to changing the name of the Chip and Todd Roadshow, to The Chip, Todd and Paul Roadshow, since Paul is joining us in Vegas for our drive across the desert to see Big Daddy. We're keeping our fingers crossed that we don't end up calling it the Chip and Paul Roadshow. Hope you can manage to make the trip somehow. We can cut it short and immediately return to Vegas the following morning if that helps in any way.

    In keeping with the subject of this thread, today in the new edition of the New Times, there is a fairly humorous article on the Heaven and Hell show that took place here in Phoenix a few days ago.

    Some of you metal-heads might even recognize yourself or someone you know :)




  • OK, just got back from the Heaven and Hell show at Cobo Arena in Detroit. It was my first arena show in ages - I generally stick to small club shows nowadays, except for the the occasional outdoor concert. Cobo isn't that big, though - I think it holds 14-12,000 for concerts. I'd guess there were maybe around 7-8,000 for this show. The main floor was about 70% full, the first level about 80%, 2nd level about 25%, and 3rd level was empty. So, it was a smaller crowd than I expected, but they were pretty energetic and into the show.

    I thought Heaven and Hell was great. No complaints with the performance or setlist. Dio's voice is still great and he was energetic - amazing for a guy a few years from being 70 years old! My favorite performance was "Voodoo" - it was more uptempo than the cd version. I could do without the drum solo - no offense to Vinny A. (he's a solid drummer), but unless you are Neil Peart or have one hell of a laser show going on, drum solos are only good for giving people a chance to take a piss break. Actually, I really don't even want to sit through a Peart drum solo! Geezer was great, as was Iommi.

    Megadeth was also good, from what I saw of them. Our tickets said doors opened at 7, and the radio ads said the show started at 7:30, so we figured that if we got there by 8:00, we'd probably arrive in the middle of Machine Head's set (we didn't really care if we saw them or not). Well, we were wrong - when we walked in at 8:05, Megadeth was halfway through their set already.

    My friend and I have had a long history of bad luck seeing Megadeth, dating back to high school! I think we have seen them 5 times now, and only once did we get to see their entire show due to various reasons (usually involving car issues of one sort or another). Anyway, the Megadeth curse lived on for us. I'm a pretty big Megadeth fan (though I am generally not a fan of many bands of that ilk), so it was disappointing to not see their full set yet again.

    I have heard a couple Machine Head songs on the radio and they just aren't for me, so I wasn't disappointed to miss them. Maybe I am just used to the later start time for club shows, but getting out of the arena by 11 p.m. just seemed too early. But overall, I feel I pretty much got my $60 worth. Hopefully, I can say the same for the next concert I am attending - I am taking my dad to the Steely Dan show next month. $150 for two tickets - ouch!

  • Went to the Radio City and Uncasville CT shows - they were awesome!

    Finally got to here Falling off the edge of the world!!!

    Sign of the Southern Cross rocked!

  • On Thursday we saw Heaven&Hell in Kavarna, Bulgaria, starting the 2007 Kaliakra Rock Fest.
    Extraordinary performance, only spoiled by the bad quality of the sound. the voice was on a very low channel and partially covered by the guitar reverb effect.....:(
    the play list was awesome, including "Children of the Sea", "Falling from the Edge of the World", "I" (maybe the best performance of the evening), "Die Young", "E5150" (the opening of the show as usual), "Neon Knights" , and, of course, "Heaven&Hell" :) .
    great show!

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