Frankie Miller

  • Anybody remember this great vocal talent: Frankie Miller? I was discovered one or two years ago, and his music excited me so much. I can't recommend one album in special, everyone have the same talent and strong presence of his amazing voice. He is a great singer of rock/blues in vain of paul rodgers, rod stewart and david coverdale sometimes, but he always got his personal style. Some of his great albums was: The Rock (1975), "Full House" (1976), "Double Trouble" (1977) or "Dancing in the rain" -the last one- (1986).

    If you want (or need) more information, visit:…profile&friendID=52185396

    In YouTube you can see a lot of videos of frankie!
    Enjoy it!


  • When I use to play with my band in the 80's, we had a roadie who wore a T shirt in the style of the Frankie Goes to Hollywood shirts , you remember the ones that said " Frankie Says Relax"

    This T shirt had on the front "Frankie Who" and on the back it had Frankie F*****g Miller , That's Who!
    Thought it was very funny at the time.

    Yes Frankie Miller used to be great in his day....I am sure he had a big hit single with "Darlin'"

  • I have just checked the Frankie Miller website and seen the T shirt I have just described.
    Thanks for the post Nandos...This brings back many happy memories :clapper:

  • I remember him doing ''Be Good to Yourself'' on BBC TOTP as that did quite well as a single in the UK when it was released.

    I put him as a Paul Rogers style of singer from what I can remember of him.

  • "Double Heart Trouble" off of the Double Trouble album was a big hit on the St. Louis radio station I listened to in the '70s.

    To my knowledge, Frankie wasn't as huge a hit as he was elsewhere. I like him though :thumbup:


  • Chip, Double Heart Trouble was written by Andy Fraser of Free fame!! Frankie Miller covered several Fraser songs as well as co-writing several more! :D

  • I recall the T-shrit, way back in the day... I wish there was more of a push for "Long Way Home" cd... once again over-looked!

  • His first album was actually 1972's "Once In A Blue Moon", followed by "Frankie Miller's High Life", a 1974 LP that was produced, arranged and almost completely composed exclusively for Miller by the legendary Allen Toussaint.

    That's my favourite. An excellent Rhythm & Blues / Rock album!

    The only highlight I remember on his "Dancing In The Rain" LP is Brian Robertson's (of Thin Lizzy) guitar playing and a couple of accompanying promo video clips with Robbo that can be seen over at youtube.

    And when you listen to Lizzy's 1974 "Nightlife" LP, you can hear FM guesting and duetting with Phil Lynott on Still In Love With You. I always thought that he sounds a little like Gene Pitney on that recording.

    A couple of years ago a 3-CD Tribute album was released to help raise funds, since Miller has been in very bad health for years.

    Great singer!


  • .....judging by all the reactions, Frankie made a huge impressiom on all of us Glenn fans

    I also rank him among my all time favourite singers

    most of his CD's have been remastered

    i also like him because of his collaboration with Andy Fraser from Free and also Simon Kirke (and Brian Robertson of Thin Lizzy fame) on the album Dancing in the rain

    a grrreat voice!!!!

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