Orlando Rocked 2003!

  • Man, what a day!

    ...and as I write this it's 3:00am EST in the lobby of the hotel and Black Cloud, followed by Seafull are blasting out of the speakers above me....friggin' surreal Kinda' reminds of the after-show sounds at last year's HTP - Dudley gig, where the same tunes were played - but now I'm in luxury, compared to the wonderful Station Hotel!!

    Anyway, from the ice statue to the smokin' performance from the band...it was more than we could have hoped for!


    This is just a brief report....more to follow on the weekend, plus a bunch more pictures...so I'll cut to the chase and give you the setlist...in no particular order, other than to say they opened with Stormbringer and closed with "Funk" On The Water!!

    HIGHER PLACES (Song For Bonzo) - NEW - Songs In The Key Of Rock
    SUPERSTITION (Stevie Wonder)
    WHITER SHADE OF PALE (Procol Harum)
    ROCK STEADY (Aretha Franklin)

    A big THANK YOU to GLENN for the LA CUT OFF intro - those who were there, will know what I mean My favourite of the evening was definitely Beyond The Numb, not just because it's first time being played live, but the whole band were just awesome, everything came together - however, special mention should be made for the new one from Songs In The Key Of Rock - the audience went wild for it, and it's a great sign for things to come from the new album.

    And another special Thank You goes out to Lou Carrier, who made it all possible, and I hope another one of these great events comes to The HARD ROCK Hotel, Orlando, some time very soon. His entire staff have been amazing and the Mardi Gras theme worked perfectly!

    LOU CARRIER introducing the encore!!

    After the show GLENN and ALL OF THE BAND were so generous with their time, pretty much signing and saying "Hello" to everyone - not only the "VIP Pass" holders, but also the many other fans who came along.

    Tonight I managed to meet up with Fan Forum members, Todd Seely, Grace and Kat, plus many, many lurkers who have stopped by the site from time to time Also spotted in the audience, Pat Travers and Justin Timberlake....yes indeed, the very same - no kiddin' - he was star struck!!

    GLENN and site regular, GRACE

    Can't wait for his next appearance with 3 Voices in a month or two

    DAVID and GLENN - Cheese...ooops - missed our cue!!

    GABI and GLENN

  • what a set list, what a set list......5 "new" song - when was the last time Glenn played so much new material? OK, with HTP - but solo?

    Great review - thanks David

    ...I assume noone recorded that...?


  • This the Los Angeleeez cut off - well actually it's Wigan - not much difference, eh? Chris, Top Cat, Keith, James - where's you Pete?? ... forget the 59 bus - we need to make some serious arrangements for getting over there together one day - life is certainly short and oh so lonesome without our man over here.

    I'm all giddy - trying to read the review and view the pics in three seconds!! If he'd only done Whiter Shade of Pale alone I'd have gladly flown over if I could - it's my absolute favourite (as James well knows!).

    David - you're an absolute star for giving us what we waited so (im)patiently for. How could you compare the Station Hotel with the Hard Rock Hotel - the Station Hotel was much more fun!! Why try and open the door from the inside of your hotel room when you can get the hotel staff to let you out???

    I've definitely died and gone to heaven ...

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Hey Shirl,

    That'd be a great idea if we could team up for a "Brits invade the US" expedition. After all, that is our boy over there, showing Justin Timberlake how a white boy sings funky r'n'b tunes!
    Todd from here suggested a ghpg gathering when Glenn played a show which would be extremely difficult to do, but if something like this crops up again, us English should start talking!


    ps Glad to hear you sounding more upbeat!

    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • What a night! I have FINALLY seen Glenn perform live! Missed him every time he was here in Orlando - but was it ever worth the wait! The band was tight and the set list was awesome. When Glenn started into Beyond the Numb... that really made my night. It was nice meeting David (although only briefly - I guess I fall under the "lurkers" reference). Am sending my pictures of the show to David to post. And yes, Pat Travers was there - a buddy of mine saw him play in NJ a couple weeks ago & told him he was coming to Orlando to see Glenn and Pat didn't know anything about Glenn playing here - so Pat ended up coming and we caught up with him after the show too. Too bad Pat didn't get up and play though. Oh well, next time. Hopefully very soon!

  • I dont know who all stayed the night at the hotel.. But what a night it was. My first time ever having to honor seeing Glenn perform. Not only is he an incredible Artist, He is a great Human being as well. He made time to greet everyone, Gabby was a Pleasure to meet as well. The only downside I can think of, was the Hotel Fire emergency ALARM going Off Not once.. But "three times" before i finally got P/O'ed & left. But.. I would without a doubt.. do it all again. ((Thank you)) to Glenn,His Band, Les Dudek & His Band, You Guys were awesome !!

  • Well...that was something else! My wife Angie and I had a wonderful time in Orlando. From the time we first arrived at the beautiful Hard Rock Hotel, we could sense the excitement. There was a lot of hustle and bustle as furniture was being moved about, the stage was being set up and we received our special GH fan envelope at the check-in desk - containing wristbands, laminates and Velvet Sessions pins, along with a nice letter of welcome from HR Manager Lou Carrier.

    We settled into our fantastic room, and right next to the CD player was a live Voices Of Classic Rock CD, featuring Glenn and the others. Alright! I phoned David, and made my way downstairs to meet him for Glenn's soundcheck. He wasn't hard to find in his HTP tour shirt - lucky bastage! Said hello to contest winner Chris, Kenny, Bill and watched as Glenn ran through a few songs with the band. He seemed relaxed, and thanked us from the stage for coming down. We all got a bit of a treat when the HR folks wheeled out a huge ice-sculpture of 1974-era GH!!

    The Mardi Gras themed party was great. I had some reservations as to whether there would be 800-1000 people there. But when I stepped out of the elevator - WHOA! The place was hopping, crammed with people wearing beads and masks and sipping glowing purple and blue drinks. We had to sidestep a couple dancers on stilts, getting everyone into the party mode. Led Dudek's band was kicking things off with a rocking set of 70's-ish blues rock. Not bad at all. We all had a few drinks and nibbled at the plates of finger foods that were making the rounds. Then it was time for Glenn, so we moved up front. Lou Carrier intro'd the band, and they came out with Stormbringer. Glenn was in fine form, and so was the band. Nice to see Gary Ferguson behind the kit, especially as I'm a fan of Gary's work with GH and that other Gary - Moore! Glenn treated us to a new song, plus Behond The Numb from BTM, Whiter Shade Of Pale and a few other odds and ends. A highlight for me was Burn - my first time ever seeing it live. Old hat for David, perhaps - not for me!

    After the show, we rubbed elbows with Glenn and the band (and Pat Travers). Glenn stayed for photos and signatures until every last person went away happy. Always a gentleman to his fans. He considers them/us more like friends than fans.

    Only thing left at that point was to retire to the Velvet Lounge bar for a few pints. Guitarist Jeff Kollman and keyboardist Dave Schultz came around, a bit goofy, and began a recital on the piano in the hall, until security put the kabosh on that. I think we all had a bit too much to drink, but the music and the company kept us there! It was strangely surreal to hear songs like Send Me No More Letters, Your Love Is Alright, Seafull and an assortment of Purple playing over the hotel Muzak system.

    I cannot truly convey how special this whole Orlando event was. I hope I gave you some idea. If only more of us could have gathered there, from this board. Perhaps we'll see each other at a future show.

    A million thanks to David/Shirean at GHPG and Lou Carrier at the Hard Rock Hotel for a night to remember.


  • Sounds great guys!!!!! I wish...you know what I wish!

    Still not much bona fide solo stuff though - I do still find that frustrating & surprising.

    Glad it was so good!!


  • Thanks everyone for the reports and photos of the show. Not the same as being there, but helps!

    Really hope Glenn will play Beyond The Numb and others from his recent solo releases whenever he plays here in Europe next time.

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