• Hi friends.

    I am in Russia, and wanted to give you all the news about the rumour of a Deep Purple MKIII re-union.

    As I have been the one that is consistantly being bombarded with the same question over and over again. My answer has always been that there a 5 members, and that at no time have we had a band discussion about a re-union. Yes, David and I flirted with the idea 18 months ago, and since then my brother has fully comitted himself to his love and nurturing of his beloved Whitesnake.

    For all GH followers...


  • ...good to hear from you Glenn! Excellent performance in Rotterdam!!

    But, what are you doing in Russia? Thought the tour there was over. Or is there another mayor-musician who wants to release an album???

    I'm sure if the right offer comes along all 5 mk3 members will get together in the blink of an eye....you sure did some ground work already

  • mark (III) my words it will happen in 2008 :)

    and when they do, glenn will be so in the picture at that time that people will ask: "who is that man in black tights next to glenn and david ???" :lol:

    no seriously, it would be great when they would get together but i wouldn't mind if they didn't. Glenn's music is constantly growing and develloping. And that is important for an artist.


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