Glenn Friday night at Platinum review

  • Had a great time tonight at the David Garfield show in Studio City California. The show was to celebrate the release of David’s new CD “Giving Back.â€? David’s music is a mixture of jazz, randb and funk influences with some salsa and rock thrown in as well. Before the show started I finally got to meet Glenn’s wife Gabrielle, and I enjoyed it, she is very personable, nice and hilarious!!!!!!!! Garfield’s lengthy first set featured some selections off his new album, with the usual mix of Steely Dan and other songs thrown in. I didn’t take notes….This first set featured Glenn mostly on backup vocals, with Glenn particularly outstanding when he took a verse on Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together. It was great to hear that falsetto and those high pitched vocalizings during the chorus using Glenn’s full voice and falsetto. I particularly enjoyed watching the folks in the front row getting into Glenn. It’s the first time I’ve seen the reaction of any African Americans to Glenn’s randb singing other than the one time I played some of his stuff for a bass player…..The nodding of the heads and the raising of arms made it clear Glenn was winning over the brothers in the front row and that was really awesome to see!!!! After a lengthy break, David and his band came back on and opened up with a track off his new album, exactly as the first set did….Then it was time for Glenn…….An utterly amazing version of Whiter Shade of Pale followed, the same arrangement as on the Mark Bonilla CD. Glenn was in fantastic voice…hearing him hit those high notes full voice was amazing and I was right in front of the stage when he did so. The rest of the second set included Garfield classics like his version of Layla, a version of Michael Jackson’s Human Nature and one other song I’ve forgotten the name of. I also enjoyed hearing Alex Ligertwood sing his Santana hit Hold On…..Alex sounded absolutely amazing tonight. The other vocalist was great too, Melanie Taylor.
    I’ve been a fan of keyboardist David Garfield for about two years now. To have my favorite singer Glenn join David’s circle of musicians has been a wonderful thing a favorite vocalist joining a favorite keyboardist! Pics will follow in a couple of days...I'm still using film...hopefully not for too long....I'm utterly sick of it!!!!!!!!! Digital here I come!!!

    Tonight’s lineup:
    Alex Ligertwood (vocals), Melanie Taylor (Vocals),Tim Pierce (Guitar) Paul"PJ" Jackson Jr. (Guitar) "Ready" Freddie Washington (bass), John "JR" Robinson (drums), Larry Klimas (Sax), Walt Fowler (Trumpet)

  • Thanks for the detailed review John, excellent!

    Wow! What a show....great to hear he garnered such a response from those folks who had never heard him before - to see that, is always such a pleasure...a smile comes across your face everytime!

    This also bodes well for the upcoming 3 Voices shows, which should certainly bring a variety of different folks to come out and see them.

    Looking forward to your pix

  • Some addons to my review...Eric Clapton/Tom Petty and LA session ace drummer Steve Ferrone guested on Chaka Khan's Aint Nobody. Also spotted in the crowd, who I said hi to was ex Toto keyboardist and Glenn collaborator Steve Porcaro. Another song played was Street Life...The Steely Dan tunes included Babylon Sisters with some nice backup vox by Glenn...and Josie. I always find it a bit frustrating that Garfield gigs include more cover tunes than his own originals...hmm sort of like our Glenn having to do tons of Purple on tours rather than classics from albums like From Now On. Also said hi to Glenn, who remembered me and said hi John before I could finish my a British accent: "Are you going to sing Burn or Might Just Take Your Life tonight?"


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