Tommy Bolin 2007?

  • I think we all recognise Tommy's passion for innovation and experimentation during those halcyon days of the 70's. I personally struggle to imagine what the great man would be up to if he were here with us, alive and kicking in 2007!

    Any thoughts?

  • Other than playing guitar for Glenn, I would say he would split his time between solo albums & touring aimed at a rock audience, and a side project allowing him to be more experimental jazz progressive rock indie fusion.
    I think he would be one of the most original , innovative guitarists around...I know its been many years since his passing however I still listen to Teaser, Private eyes and Spectrum which speaks for itself.

  • i still regularly listen to the archives stuff.

    Savanah Woman, Teaser and especially Wild Dogs are 3 of my all time favourite songs.

  • Yes I'm a Tommy fan too with Dreamer, People People and Sweet Burgundy among my faves. When I try to imagine "what if" I am always drawn back to the nagging reality that had Tommy survived, his career might still have been blighted by addiction.

    But if pressed I'd have thought that he'd have carried on with the Tommy Bolin Band live tour for a while, done some guest work and collaborations but ultimately I think he and Glenn would have created something quite special at some stage (probably the mid 90's) and intermittently worked together. He'd also be cited alongside the likes of Satriani, Vai, Vaughan as one of the world's top technical guitarists.

  • I can tell you that I was at Tommy's final show...I was 16 and hopped up on basically the same strange brew that later did him in....He played way loud and I remember well the power chords on Teaser hit me in the solar plex area...He was a rock star of the 1st order...For those too young to remember, I can only say that the death of Brandon Lee affected me in the same way...It was one of those " this can't be happening" sort of reactions...

  • I just about fell out of my chair when I turned on the radio and heard the slow sweet home alabama chords then funky interlude before the solo part of Post Tostee on KLOS the other night. Jim Ladd does a free form radio show everynight here on LA's rock station so occasionaly you might hear gems like this. It was totally cool though, most songs in my CD collection are not going to be on the radio, other than Boston.


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