This time around-drop the Purple numbers?

  • On this subject I am a bit divided - Most bands I see I want them to play there more current works and more obscure older songss. But... these are bands I get to SEE in the USA. Since I have never seen Glenn live I would really appreciate seeing the the Glenn era Purple songs. First time will be NYC cannot wait!

    (the closest I got was 7th Star New Haven - but that ended up being Ray Gillen's first Sabbath show!)


  • hello to all.

    i havent posted much here but i do have something to say about glenn useing DP songs in his sets. true us hard core fans would love to see/hear nothing but solo/new songs but i do also see the point of using the older songs too. ive read on other blogs and message boards of other bands ( KISS , BLACK SABBATH, AREOSMITH ETC and its always the same """ drop the older songs """ from the core fans , this is very hard to do, because these proformers /bands are playing for all the fans and trying to get new fans into the older music and new music.

    still im one of the ones that would love just new music in there live sets.

  • When King Crimson played LA in March 2003 they played absolutely nothing from before 1994, so it can be done. At least he does play some new songs (ELP in LA in '98 played nothing less than 20 years old; that was very disappointing). But for someone who is still so productive much more of his set should go to what he has done this century. Songs from Voodoo Hill, HTP, and Iommi-Hughes as well as five rockin' funky studio albums in the last seven years can take up 3 hours without anything from the 20th century. That would be quite a statement of how vital and fresh he is.

  • I would happily agree with you, i would love to here a set list of just Glenns solo material since 1990 or so. It is a crying shame that some truly great songs Blue Jade, Written all over your face, The way it is, Beyond the numb, to name just a few songs that spring to mind never get a look in and newer material ( high road, monkey man etc) from the last couple of albums is dropped to accomodate older Purple stuff.

    The blessing and the curse is that in most of the world Glenn will always be associated with Deep Purple so tour promoters will always play upon this past link to pull in the paying punters.

    In the markets of Europe this is even more obvious and Glenns set lists in recent times have tended to give the fans what they want and who can blame Glenn he has to earn a living and if this is what he has to do to build up his profile to introduce fans to the newer material then i can`t disagree with the tactics.

    So us puriest will have to accept that Glenn is always going to have do a mixed set with some of the old purple stuff ( which he does brilliantly) mabe a couple of trapeze songs and his own solo stuff.

    Most artists who would love to have this embarrasment of riches and if Glenn played a three hour concert, most of us fanatics would still have moans about great songs that were missed out

  • You´re right, Ian. It´s an old discussion and at the end of day it would be an impossible thing to do for Glenn to please ALL different tastes of people regarding his setlist. So it can always be just a kind of compromise. If you are on tour with a new album in your back you are just obligated to play primarily stuff from that one to push it, thats what touring is (mostly) all about. But there are always lots of ppl at the concerts who wants to hear classics or material of former releases. As I said, its hard to satisfy them all, unless Glenn is doing a 4 hour set...LOL :D

    For me, a mix of BTM & SITKOR would be definitely a dreamlist...but thats just me very own taste....

    Cheers, Achim

  • This of course is an impossible battle. Glenn mostly did songs from the Chad Smith era so Chad could be featured. I dug that, because it meant most of the set was new stuff. I agree though, a couple of DP songs dropped in favor of You Kill Me, or Angela, or Written All Over Your Face would have been great, or 8 million other tunes available. Glenn said he will never play a Voodoo Hill song, so you can forget ever hearing that, or Iommi, Norum or HTP songs. The show was almost 2 hours anyway. As I mentioned the show was so good, I didn't even think about what was missing till after, and I wasn't sad about it, I just saw the greatest concert ever!


  • Personally, i love the solo Hughes material, and would love to see a show of just that. But I do understand that there are always people seeing him for the first time, so certain songs will always be played. It doesn't bother me if he would drop Burn. I would also love to hear You Kill Me, Let It Go, I Will Follow You, Beyond The Numb, etc. I do think he should keep Mistreated, as that one has changed from the original, and I love the extended vocal fills Glenn puts into the ending. Overall, I guess a good show has to have balance. We are just looking at it from a hardcore fan perspective. Maybe one day Glenn can do an all-request show!!!

  • ive been a papa fan for 30 solid yrs. i saw glenn for the first time at the just played ny show. my wish was to have no opener and glenn play more songs . i love all of his solo stuff, but love the purple ones too. i was thinking that it would be cool if he could play something like one song from each of the main records that he's song on. i missed getting nothing from feel from now on hughes /thrall seventh star fused. its all so good the only complaint anyone could have is not seeing papa often enough and not enough songs regardless any dose of glenn is great ,lets face it a set list from glenn that you may not be happy w/ is better than any other set list from anyone else. just for the record i thought the version of this time around was indeed a "soul mover" for me

  • Hi, guys!
    But just think for a while who else would do the Mk3 and Mk4 songs live if not Glenn? There are beautiful songs and Glenn sings them even more beautifully! That is why I think that his set list is wonderfully balanced, otherwise Glenn would have to sing for several hours to satisfy all preferences!

    After all whatever he sings live is perfect and worth to be heard! So enjoy every second with Glenn on stage! :)

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