Mark St. John RIP

  • Sad to report that Mark Norton aka Mark St. John, KISS' lead guitarist on Animalize, passed away this morning of a cerebral hemorrhage. Mark was 51 years old.

    Didn't Mark play or jam with Glenn at some point???

  • Didn't Mark play or jam with Glenn at some point???

    No - it was rumoured that he played with him during the '80s, but in various interviews Glenn's been quoted as saying that's not actually the case - such as in this Q&A from Record Collector magazine from back in May of 1999:


    RC: Did you also work with Mark St. John of Kiss?
    GH: That was just people talking. It's in my biog, but I never played with him.

  • Mark's brother played bass in the weekend cover band I'm currently in, the Blast, before I joined so I've heard stories about him over the years. But before that I loved his guitar playing on Animalize, and that's the only Kiss album I would want to go buy right now. I was really bummed when he came down with his arthritic hand condition, for me it was not the same to watch Bruce Kulick. That was also the only time I saw Kiss live. In 1988 I went to see White Tiger and shook hands with Mark, met him briefly. His sound was not good, because he had a ton of those crappy rackmounted effects that were popular at the time, and the band was also a disappointment, because the songs were just not there. He seemed fully recovered from his problem and played great though. Later I heard he had a number of addiction problems. A guy like Mark should have hooked up with somebody like Ozzy, what a total waste of talent.


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