The new lineup - what do you think?

  • Another poster to this site, Cliffkemp, mentioned that he missed JJ somewhat after having seen the London show, and asked if others feel the same thing. I can say I feel the same Cliff, and I'm still not really sure why the change was made. I think JJ's biggest strength is probably that he has the best of both worlds, meaning that he's both technical but still able to play from the heart. In my opinion, Kollman primarily lacks technically, which has its drawbacks.

    I have been listening to the radio broadcast from Slovenia lately. While simpler songs like Nights in White Satin are excellent showcases of Jeff's abilities, he doesn't quite have what it takes in order to do many of the other songs justice, which is mostly evident when it comes to the solos. It sounds as if the band is playing one song, and Jeff another. The Burn riff is another example where he misses the spot.

    This is well into the tour, so I'm not sure these issues are related to a lack of rehearsal time. It's more down to the individual players and their personalities, which is also why I prefer Chad to Mondesir. Simply because I feel Chad is a better fit for Glenn's band and how I want them to sound. Mondesir is obviously a superb drummer in his own right, just maybe a little light for Glenn's music. When I saw this tour Glenn commented that this was the best band he'd ever played with, including Deep Purple. I don't think I was the only one in the crowd who found that comment curious since you'd be hard pressed to find more talented and versatile musicians than Lord, Paice and Blackmore. I think Kollman and co would agree.

    This is just to show that Glenn's opinion may differ from us fans', which is why I think it would be interesting to hear what others have to say about this new line-up after having seen the shows on this tour. I hope that we can keep the discussion on a respectful level and that differering opinions are welcome.

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