Mozart rocks 1974

  • Here's a rarity....featuring Jon Lord on keys, David Coverdale on vocals and of course, GLENN on bass.

    Filmed in Munich, Germany in June 1974 - Jon Lord and Eberhard Schoener were asked to do a project for the "Rock Meets Classic" TV series. The band performs Mozart's "Kroenungsmesse".

    Others featured included Tony Ashton, Ray Fenwick, Pete York, The Munich Chamber Opera Orchestra (conducted by Eberhard Schoener) and The Toelz Boys' Choir.

  • That was great!!Thanks for finding that David, wonder if there is anymore footage from that?


    After our Mozart Year here in Austria (Thank God 2006 is over!) I originally didn't want to look at this thread, but then again I thought David wouldn't post anything far-off topic in the Purple section! ;)
    And he didn't! :)
    Thanks for finding it, David! :thumbup:

    Interesting to see Ashton on Hammond and Lord on piano, one actually playing the other's favourite keyboard instrument.

    The whole thing must be around somewhere - maybe DPAS could hint Schoener or the broadcaster to a release... :) soon! :cool:




  • This recently turned up on a torrent site - I got the whole DVD (40 minutes). If you like a copy let me know.


  • great performance!! I love solo career of jon lord. Many musicians of purple era was playing on, ray fenwick, tony ashton, david coverdale and of course our dear glenn. Hey Fedor, i wanna a copy of this dvd :D if you can of course. Thanks for posting!!


  • Yeah! Thanks for this interesting video, David! :)

    I've never heard of this project, so I am really willing to see the whole of it!
    Fedor, please :bow: give us the site or whatever! I will appreciate it very much!
    Have a nice day, GUYS! ;)

  • Sorry not posted recently, hectic work schedules and all that!
    Where did this come from. Is it available ANYWHERE?

  • i have this show on dvd - transferred from video. send me a pm and i'll see what i can do ;)


  • Hi supermazna, pm stands for 'Private Message'. At the top of the page where it says 'welcome supermazna', just under there click on 'PRIVATE MESSAGE'.

  • Thanks a lot, jbyrne! I also thought so, but was not sure. What if this was some technical term? Thank you again, and sorry for bothering the forum with my ignorence!! :)

  • Jon Lord's Windows project in Munich. This song is not feratured on the official recording.

  • Here's another glimpse into the June 1974 session featuring Glenn at the 2 minute mark on vocals & bass, amongst others...

    The Windows TV concert has now been uploaded in 7 parts on youtube, good glimpses of Glenn here ! :clapper:

    It was perfomed at the Herkules-Saal of the Münchner Residenz. I still have the details from the tv program: Saturday, 1st June, 1974, at 21.50 pm local time :D It was broadcasted in 16 (!) European countries. The second show took place on June 3 at Circus Krone in Munich and was recorded for the live album.

    Like so many other fans, I sat glued to TV that Saturday night, seeing Glenn and DC perform live for the first time. My dad watched it together with me (no sport for him that evening ;)), telling me after some time "what kind of music are YOU into...?" He was used to other sounds coming from my room ! :lol:

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

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