Purple heart concern on Barnesy

  • http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/stor…92-2902,00.html



  • hmmmm... :huh:

    The Rolling Stones will probably sue Glenn, Chad, Barnes and the guy from The Herald Sun who wrote the article :D

    Still a great read - thanks for posting it! :thumbup:




  • I saw Jimmy & Glenn at the Basement and you could see they were great mates. Jimmy fought his own battle with "certain substances" so they are brothers at another level, too. I didn't know that Glenn had had heart difficulties ... anyone shed some light on this for me?


  • Hey guys .. Jimmy's cool .. "it's all good " as we say in Oz, ..... he was just having "a bit of an extended "lube and Service" .. ya know .. But i hate to think of em checking his ball joints !! man !! .. those ball joints have got some mileage on em !! HAHA !!

    hey we're a tuff bunch down here in Oz .. and Jimmy will attest to that , he's ready , willing and able to kick ass for many years to come ..

    - Ritchie (Buddy) Maton guitars Oz

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