DP UK 07 tour - MH in full?

  • according to http://www.deep-purple.net -

    Talking to Nicky Horne on Planet Rock the band's current thinking is for the UK April / May tour to reprise the US tour idea of a while back and play the whole of the "Machine Head" album in full and in the original running order for the second half of the set.

    As they have been playing half of it anyway for the last 2 tours they must have thought why not go a bit further. Dont know if i can stand yet another performance of Pictures of Home :( For all their slagging off of RB they have become a tribute to him. Lets hear some Morse songs from _|_ and Abandon.

    Im really going to see Lizzy :bouncer: and Styx :D

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Agreed in full. It's a shame there is not more Morse era songs in the set, although I'm not a fan at all of Rapture, the worst of the Morse albums, (and probably the worst DP album I've ever bought) there were so many gems on the previous three albums to that, such as 69, House of Pain, Sun Goes Down, Any Fule No That, Fingers to the Bone, Ted the Mechanic, Loosen My Strings, Cisco, Castle Full of Rascals, SIFlikeScreamin, Cascades, etc...


  • Always a difficult balance to keep the fans and the general concert going audience happy, however I feel this would be a backward step.

    [FONT=&quot]Since the Astoria concert last year the set list has slowly dropped back to the old favourites[/FONT]

  • definately a backward step i'd say...are ticket sales slow i wonder?
    My declining interest in seeing Purple again would increase if they announced they'd play the whole of "ROTD"!!


  • I think the negative press in the UK towards the MH set could also be the reason.

    Good to see The Battle Rages On and Lazy, BUT still doing The Well Dressed Guitar!!! :confused: 5 years of the same solo spot is just sheer laziness :mad: :( :rolleyes: :mad: :confused: :( :rolleyes: Steve Morse needs a good kick up the arse :sint1: Why oh why is this still in the set :confused: :sint3:

    He has the well known Take It Off The Top or anything else he wants from a decent solo back catalogue to choose from. He needs something new. No wonder he is always smiling. Must be thinking "how easy is this" - the same piece of music for years!

    At least Roger Glover had the guts to admit in print that Lynyrd Skynyrd blew them away last time out. Im pretty sure Thin Lizzy could do the same this time

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • I saw Deep Purple at Manchester on sunday and the sound and playing was awesome, Ian Gillan was in fine voice and the loss of a couple of stone in weight seems to helped him and as usually Ian Paices drumming was the highlight, the guy is still the greatest of all rock drummers.

    As for thee much touted playing of all Machine Head, they still managed to play 5 out of the 7 tracks off the Machine Head album only Never Before and Maybe i`m a Leo were missed off. Then again the rest of the tracks have be played at virtually every Purple concert for 20 years so great suprise there.

    The saddest fact of the night :huh: was they only played one track from the Rapture of the Deep album ( the title track)and nothing at all from the other Steve Morse era albums and one new track "things i never said". In my view The Perpendicular, Bannanas and Rapture of the Deep are all excellent albums with some great tracks but Purple are so stuck in the past as are so many of the fans that they do not have the confidence to move on and are in danger of becoming a cabaret act.

    Lets hope Glenn never goes back to just playing the old Purple tracks and sticks with filling his set list with his modern music.

  • Oh well - I'm looking foward to seeing them on Saturday at Wembley - whatever they play. Can't wait to see Styx either - never seen them :thumbup:

  • Hi

    Saw the Purp's at sheffield the other night. Thin Lizzy were disappointing. No chemistry/charisma, what a disappointment John Sykes is as a frontman. At least they have the great rhythm section of Tommy and Marco, although tommy wouldn't know subtlety if it hit him on the head with a sledge hammer :confused: He hits the hell out of his drums.

    Styx, what can i say? Knew nothing of them or their music but have to say i enjoyed them. The keyboard player/singer is one heck of an unusual guy. Freddie Merc meets Elton John meets Mick Jagger!!!

    Purple were enjoyable although it all seems such an effort and struggle for Ian G now, when you think of how effortless it is for Glenn. Ian P could hardly be heard, the sound was dominated by Don Airey who was fantastic. Battle rages on was surprisingly good.

    an enjoyable, but not outstanding night out.


  • The Glasgow gig on Tuesday was absolutely excellent. Gillan was the best I have seen him for several years. The only part I thought he struggled very slightly on was the highest notes in Into The Fire. Oher than that he was superb.

    I took loads of video footage of the gig. Enjoy...

    Deep Purple - Glasgow Clyde Auditorium - 1st May 2007

    Pictures Of Home

    Things I Never Said

    Into The Fire

    Strange Kind Of Woman


    Steve Morse solo - The Well Dressed Guitar


    The Battle Rages On

    Highway Star

    Smoke On The Water


    Black Night


    Styx - Come Sail Away


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