A Weekend in Phoenix

  • Well, finally got to have a great weekend in Phoenix with fellow GHCP Chip. What a pleasure to spend a day with a fellow Glenn fanatic and compadre in enjoying a baseball game. Doesn't happen often that site people get together I imagine, and I am just glad we got to finally meet up and talk Glenn, Trapeze and solve all the world's problems in a short weekend !!!

    I also imagine we are the official GHCP "Large Charge", if you catch my drift.

  • Roger,
    The Florida return is on "hold" pending my wife's interview with the Federal Government this week. A NASA job in Albuquerque would be quite good for her. i can just head East for my part of the year and either take another job in Baseball or just do the 6/6 month gig between the two areas :D

    As for LA, not making it. We are going to NYC instead :thumbup: I couldn't swing both, and my Mom and her 87 years are on Long Island, so I will do Glenn, some ballgames and spend a few days with Mom. What a good boy I am....:confused: :rolleyes:

    Have a blast at the Whiskey...I know Chip will see to it that everyone stays under control :lol:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Rats, I thought you were going to be at the LA show Frank. Guess I'll meet you at some point down the road.

    Sorry I missed the phone call the other night from you and CHip - I was out enjoying the amazing Blue Oyster Cult!


  • Todd,
    Have no fear, the meeting will be arranged for a short time from now. Vegas has such aring to it sometime in May...and BOC is a good enough reason to miss a call anytime from anyone :D
    I was not real fond of the new drummer last time I saw them, I guess compared to Bobby Rondinelli, not many drummers keep me interested. Will talk to you soon !!! :clapper: :claphands

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Gee, you two guys look tough, mean, and scary.

    Glenn should hire you both, as his personal assistant/

    bodyguard, one for LA (Chip), and one for New York (Frank).

    :mad: :singer: :mad:


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