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  • This weekends gig at the Sheperds Bush Empire is an imporant gig at this stage of Glenn's career. I think it maybe Glenn's first solo Theatre gig.

    Likwise the two gigs in NY and LA later this summer.

    I am sure a positive attendance will help move Glenn up the ladder, venue wise as well as encourage potiential promoters to book Glenn in the future.

    We all want to see Glenn play the type of venues he deserves.If you are undecided about making that journey then just do it, you will not regeret it and you will be helping Glenn at the same time.

    Hope to see you there ;)

  • Hi Y'all!

    Hope all of you who's going tonight have a fantastic time!!

    Just wish I could be there to!


  • :bow: :bow: :bow:


    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Just got back from the Bush, and once again Big Daddy was on fire!

    I think we all new London was gonna be a special gig, and it was. Witnessed by a packed house too, which was great to see.

    The two support acts were a mixed bag. Toby Jepson's band were really quite good, with no other than Dean Howard on guitar. Very good sound, and well recieved.

    The ony thing I can say about Nude Girls is that they were on for about 35 minutes.

    Set list

    Valiant Denial
    Land of the livin
    You Got Soul
    Dont Let Me Bleed
    This time Around
    Gettin Tighter
    Steppin On
    You Keep On Movin'


    Might have left one out but not sure.

    There really isnt anything to say about an exquisite performance. Sound was good, and the set, although Purple heavy (for the London crowd I guess) was really well played.

    Again great to see younger fans there too, especially Marianne who I met, along with her Dad, Hiya guys!

    I have attached some pics of pre gig, after the sound check!

  • It sounds like it was a great night, if only i had been there! I called national rail enquiries, just to check if the trains were running okay before i left, and was told that there were engineering works on the line, and no trains whatsoever were stopping at hertford north on the way back, and the hertford east line out of liverpool street is always unreliable, and last time i went to london on a sunday, the same thing happened, and the furthest out of london we could get was chingford, but my friends dad rescued us from there, so disaster averted that time, but i didnt want the same to happen again, so i missed out on seeing glenn live for the third time! IS IT EVER GONNA HAPPEN??? i hope there are some more dates this year, maybe?? please?? not on a sunday?? anyway, ive had my rant, hope everyone who did go had a fantastic time, and thank you to shirl for the call yesterday, it made me feel a lot better! looking forward to your reviews, Helena, xx

    :bouncer2: :bouncer: :bouncer2: :bouncer:

  • Helena - I'm so sorry you didn't make it - what a shame .. honestly you just can't rely on public transport sometimes! :rolleyes:

    Well this is the first time I've managed to see Glenn live and .... well ... WOW! :eek: that voice ...OMG!!! I've been to some good concerts before but this is amongst the best - we were gobsmacked!! :D The band were great - so tight. Good crowd too - pretty packed!! :thumbup:

    The support were interesting ... Toby Jepson sounded pretty good.
    Nude Girls ..... phmmmm ....... .. it would be too easy to say they were awful - but they were different and some of the songs were OKish (bit of Hawkwind going on in there so got to be a bit OK! :p )

    Glenn was wonderful, I loved it - and I can't wait to see him live again :) :) :)

  • It was a great night, for sure! Glenn was absolutely smoking! That was probably the best performance I've seen him give in a live setting, totally awesome!

    I've never been to Sherherd's Bush before, but it's a really nice venue, similar size to the Astoria, but it's not a complete hole. The acoustics were really good, great sound, but not as loud as some other venues (not as deafaning as the Mean Fiddler, for sure).

    We had a bit of a mess-up transport wise on the way down, we didn't realise some stations were closed on the Bakerloo line and so we took a detour that ended up taking about 20 minutes more. It didn't matter, though. We got there at about 7:45 and saw the end of Toby Jepson's set (had no idea who he was at the time), can't say I thought I missed much, they sounded rather like a rather generic rock outfit.

    I thought Nude Girls were fairly good actually, a bit different, fairly tight unit. I don't think I'll rush to their Astoria gig, but I found them fairly enjoyable.

    As I've said Glenn and co. were excellent. I thought the band was really good. Jeff played really well (although, I have to admit that his version of Mistreated doesn't come as close as JJ's to nailing it completely). The drummer was really good, I thought. A great set, perhaps I would have liked to see a few more Glenn numbers in their as apposed to so many DP ones, but they're still great.

    Had another mess-up on the way back and ended up not getting a train back to Watford until 00:34, we would have got the one an hour before, but there was a big hold up on the line at Oxford Circus...

    But aside from that it was an excellent night!

  • The Frenchies are just back from London. And that was really worth the trip. A huge thank you to Glenn and the boys for making this evening so special. I will put a review on line with pictures as soon as possible.

    Glenn, you rule !!!! :thumbup:


  • ... and thank you to shirl for the call yesterday, it made me feel a lot better! looking forward to your reviews, Helena, xx

    Helena - I don't suppose there's a word invented to explain your frustration yesterday. I've been very lucky to see Glenn quite a few times but there was one occasion when my car broke down on the way to his gig in Sheffield a while back - and the weather was yuk! We didn't get there cos of breakdown service, etc. and I was so frustrated at missing the show ... but I've seen him before and since that night.

    Felt so sorry for you but there's a nice little parcel of love on its way to you to somehow make up for missing out :D

    Big Daddy will be around for a long time so it will happen - but please, not on a Sunday in England ... our public services are ... not ;)

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Hi all

    Gotta be the best Glenn gig we've seen yet & loved the surprise, "This Time Around",which was treated with the usual Glenn brilliance! 'Gettin' Tighter' was a little bit different as well which was welcomed (I love that song however it is done!). Must agree it was a bit Purple heavy overall. Could surely have put in 'Coast to Coast' instead ;) of one of the Purple songs but then,what do you leave out?

    Don't know if we were standing in the wrong place but didn't think the sound was that good & the ringing in my ears still indicates it was quite loud!!

    I've no doubt that Mark Mondesir is an incredible drummer & had a couple of short solos which were quite awesome. As for Jeff Kollman,I'm not remotely qualified to say whether he is better technically than JJ or not,but I know I prefer to hear the latter - Gettin' Tighter might be more pertinent than just a song title (;)) but I realise it is still fairly early days in this band's 'career'.

    Why the Nude Girls were the main support is a bit of a mystery to me - Velvet Revolver meets The Clash meets Weezer came to mind!!! The songs just seemed to go off on mad tangents at times.I could barely pick out the lyrics in the vocals ,other than the odd German phrase (:huh:)(surely a sound problem rather than the lead singer's fault - mind you,Glenn had no problem ;) ! ) &, in my opinion,they surely must appeal to a different audience than one patiently(mostly)waiting to see Big Daddy.

    Boy,I'm glad we decided to stay at a local hotel otherwise we would have missed most of Glenn's set if we had had to rely on the trains - I really sympathise with those who had problems.

    By the way, who knows what happened to the window at O'Neills Irish pub next door - must have shattered when Glenn was hitting those incredible notes - I'm sure this guy just gets better & better!!

    Roll on the next time & please,please,please, Coast to Coast! (Great version of YKOM as well,Grace :thumbup:)


    Ben !!

  • I have attached some pics of pre gig, after the sound check!

    Hi Soulmover,
    Lovely to see a pic of my pal Michael there. Mike darlin, if you're reading this, it was great to meet up with you and Dan again at the UFO gig in Dublin, and sorry that it was all such a hdghsdghwgeeiweuwhedudhajq at the Merch Desk and beyond. But the good news is.... I didn't actually end up killing anyone, and the t-shirts *almost* balanced.

    Gail sends her love to ya both, and says if you have any photos from Dublin, please can you share them with her as she lost her camera somewhere between the gig and the plane.
    Stay in touch, ok!

  • Glad you mentioned merchandising, JJ, as I almost missed the chance to buy a T, as I'm sure did many others.
    When I went into the Empire at around 7:45 there was no sign of any. We were ushered straight into the main hall & I looked around for people with tell-tale carriers or tour/new T-shirts but could not see any.
    It was only by chance that on leaving my 'better half' noticed a side door open & we battled back against the emerging crowd to investigate & managed to secure my 'prize'! (Sadly, no actual Tour T-shirts though, let alone FFF CDs!)
    I guess that the people going in to the upper tier seats would have gone through this foyer to get to their seats & would have seen the merchandising but obviously the vast majority would not have gone through here.
    I wonder why this door was shut at what I thought would have been a peak time for making purchases?


    Ben !!

  • Glenn was in fine form, I was on level one and the sound was the best I have experinced at a GH gig, could even here the keys.

    Though I have to say Jeff Kollman had a "mere" compared to his outstanding performance at Northampton back in October.

    Problems with tuning bugged him most of the set and he looked frustrated. Just had a feelin the solos did not always fit the songs as well as they might.

    The attendance was very good and "This time around "superb. Anders played a blinder though wish he looked a little more interested.

    Mark was Mark, a superb drummer one of the best I have seen and Glenn looks so happy playing with these guys hope this line up remains for some time to come.

  • (Great version of YKOM as well,Grace )

    Thanks for the great review of the show, Ben,
    and for thinking of me with your comment about YKOM.

    2 or 3 years ago, Glenn was on the "Rockline" radio interview show,
    and he said that YKOM should be re-titled: You Keep On Morphing..........:lol:

    He also said that he loves that song (even without my harassment)
    and tries to sing it differently each time.
    Plus, he's finagled with it so much ~ several different openings,
    never the same endings ~ it's just not the same song that it once was.

    Glenn has mentioned in other interviews, that he and DC
    wrote that song on the first day that they met each other,
    but that it didn't get onto a record until "Come Taste the Band."

    Call it instant chemistry, nuclear fusion, or love at first sight,
    YKOM is why I live in hope of a Hughes ~ Coverdale reunion.

    Recipe for brilliance ~
    1. Collect 2 purple boys
    2. Place inside recording studio
    3. Beat until fluffy :axe:
    4. Allow to cook for several hours
    5. Remove from studio
    6. Serves millions

    Sounds good, huh?

    (Glad that you saw and heard a great GH show!)


  • :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Just got back from London this afternoon - no laptop this time, not worth the aggravation of lugging it over for such a whirlwind visit!

    What can I say.....monumental, triumphant! To see GLENN on the London stage like that was just 'outta this world. All the years of hard solo work in the UK, finally paid off on Sunday night's performance.

    He was in top form and it was so good to see so many people in attendance. I can only imagine what the USA dates are going to look like now, although a shame it won't be in similar surroundings.

    Now bring 'em on :D

    Here are a couple of pix and clips as always :cool:

    Shepherds Bush Empire - London, England - Sunday, March 25th, 2007

    Afternoon Soundcheck

    :cool: Showtime :cool:

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