See you all soon...

  • Hi everyone, I will be leaving for Rotterdam on Wednesday. I absolutely LOVE singing with a full orchestra, I get chills thinking about it. See you there on Friday evening.

    My show on Sunday evening in London will also be a special event for me...


  • Glenn, I will be there on Sunday and hope the place is packed.

    I sence this is an import Gig and could help to raise the profile of GH in the UK so if you can get there, be there.

    Who's going?

  • As the Amish grandfather said to John Book (Harrison Ford)
    at the end of the movie, "Witness".........

    "Take good care of yourself out among them English. "


  • Hi,

    I would like to be there, but I can't, But does anybody knows if there will be released in DVD or Cd?

    Thanks & Cheers.


  • Welcome to Holland Glenn!!

    I hope it will be a great show this Friday and I hope you will be back for a big festival this summer. Does anyone know anything about this festival?

    By the way: Have I said: Happy New year already?? ;)

  • I will be there on Sunday and in my Unique T-shirt. PLEASE people come and say hi - dont be shy!

  • Have a fantastic night girls :lips: ... and boys :cool:

    I'll be thinking of you all, sharing air space with Glenn :bow:

    :pics: :camera: :hi5:


    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • well glenn i will be there tommorow in rotterdam, have a good show glenn!!!

    i will sit back and enjoy every second off it!!!! :clapper:

  • I'll be at Shepherds Bush on Sunday ...... most probably wearing a bright pink GH t-shirt!

    ... with 2 tall dark fellas in tow ......
    Probably will be in a pub somewhere first (maybe next door - O'Neills)
    See you all there!!!

  • Still :confused: doubting about tonight. The high fee and the state of (...)my mind :axe:
    Been struck down, mistreated......
    Only a woman can make you that small.....
    And the high fee(50 E !!!) is not very appealing as well........
    But I might soon change my mind, I suppose....Clock is ticking. It's allready 3 )'clock in the afternoon. 5 hours to go before start of the show......

  • Is Glenn really going to play Smoke on the water?! :huh:
    How many songs is he afforded to do?
    Hope he :bow: can do also tracks from his great solo efforts like : You're in my blood!!! :claphands

  • Cheers WOLFY - sorry you cant make it! My brother Ian WAS there at Northampton and yes you did meet him. I am taking some work mates with me (I am currently working and living in London so it makes it easy for me to attend this one!) and my son and brother too. So I am contributing 7 people to the gig on Sunday!!!
    Cant wait. Getting out of work early to see Glenn in the afternoon too!


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